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TPAC Board of Directors

The Tennessee Performing Arts Center Management Corporation is governed by a 27-member Board of Directors. Eight of these directors are appointed by the Tennessee Performing Arts Foundation (the Foundation that led the efforts for TPAC and raised an endowment to support TPAC operations). Four Directors are named by the Tennessee Arts Commission and four directors are named by the Governor of the State of Tennessee (one of the Governor's appointees must be the Commissioner of Education of the State of Tennessee (or his/her designate)). The TPAC Board itself may elect up to four members. Directors serve for a term of three years. The board usually meets four times each year in Nashville.

For a schedule of TPAC Board meetings, click here.


Current Board Members Founding Members Past Members


2017-2018 Officers

Board Member Position
Ron Corbin Chairman
Dr. Phil Wenk Vice Chairman
Jim Schmitz Vice Chairman & Treasurer
Tracy Kane Secretary
Martha Ingram At-Large Executive
Dale Allen Immediate Past Chair


2017-2018 Board of Directors

Board Member Appointing Authority Term Expires
Dale Allen Governor 6/30/2018
Barbara T. Bovender Tennessee Performing Arts Foundation 6/30/2020
Ronald L. Corbin Tennessee Performing Arts Center Management Corporation 6/30/2020
Beth Courtney Tennessee Performing Arts Foundation 6/30/2019
Ansel L. Davis Tennessee Performing Arts Center Management Corporation 6/30/2020
Emanuel J. Eads Tennessee Performing Arts Foundation 6/30/2018
Rod Essig Tennessee Arts Commission 6/30/2020
Eddie George Tennessee Performing Arts Center Management Corporation 6/30/2018
Kevin Hartley Tennessee Arts Commission 6/30/2019
Robert Herbert Tennessee Performing Arts Foundation 6/30/2019
Reggie Hill Tennessee Arts Commission 6/30/2019
Martha R. Ingram Tennessee Performing Arts Center Management Corporation 6/30/2019
Martha Ivester Tennessee Performing Arts Foundation 6/30/2019
Dr. Nola Jones Commissioner of Education Annual
Tracy Kane Tennessee Performing Arts Foundation 6/30/2018
Christine Karbowiak Governor 6/30/2019
Melvin Malone Governor 6/30/2019
Marcus McKamey Tennessee Performing Arts Center Management Corporation 6/30/2018
Sherri Neal Tennessee Performing Arts Center Management Corporation 6/30/2018
Nathan Poss Tennessee Performing Arts Center Foundation 6/30/2020
Nelson Remus Tennessee Performing Arts Center Management Corporation 6/30/2019
Jim Schmitz Tennessee Arts Commission 6/30/2020
Larry Stessel Tennessee Arts Commission 6/30/2018
Andrew Tavi Governor 6/30/2020
Rhonda Taylor Tennessee Performing Arts Foundation 6/30/2018
Claire Tucker Governor 6/30/2018
Dr. Philip Wenk Tennessee Performing Arts Center Management Corporation 6/30/2020
Gail Williams Tennessee Arts Commission 6/30/2019
J. Stephen Turner Board Ex-Officio  
Sandra Fulton Board Ex-Officio  
Abby Bass Board Intern 6/30/2018


Founding Board Members

Thomas B. Baker, Jr.
William L. Barry
Marylyn Bullock
Sonya Butcher
Joseph Davenport, Jr.
Sandra Fulton
Hank Hildebrand
Sam Ingram
Martha Ingram
David Pack
Brooks Parker
Athens C. Pullias
Kenneth Roberts
James W. Stewart
Lon Varnell
William F. Venable
Raymond Zimmerman


Past Board Members


Kathleen Airhart
Tom Allen
Thomas B. Baker, Jr.
Carter Andrews
Eloise Barrett
William L. Barry
Emily Barton
E. Warner Bass
John S. Beasley, II
Judith Bell
Kenny Blackburn
Molly Blair
E. Michael Blanton
Dennis Bottorff
Jack Bovender
Kathryn Brown
William H. Braddy, III
Marylyn Bullock
Sonya Butcher
Monroe Carell
John Cody
Vernon Coffey
J. Chase Cole
Kate Collier
Deane Conley
Andrea Conte
Colleen Conway-Welch
Charles Cook, Jr.
Bob Corker
Ed "Willie" Cox
Waverly Crenshaw
Jeanette Crosswhite
Joseph Davenport, Jr.
Vicki Dimond
Donna G. Eskind
Farzin Ferdowsi
John Ferguson
Robert Fogelman
Leslie Fram
Patricia C. Frist
Sandra Fulton

Joel C. Gordon
Kerry Graham
William B. Greene, Jr.
Kathleen Guion
Chuck Hall
Aubrey Harwell
Hank Hildebrand
Bruce Hinton
Ruth S. Holmberg
Tish Hooker-Schermerhorn
Samuel Howard
MaryAnne Howland
Sam Ingram
Tom Ingram
Jennifer Johnson
Marcelite Johnson
Victor S. Johnson
Will Johnston
Beverly Keel
Walter G. Knestrick
William E. Knestrick
Howard Lamar III
Susan Lanigan
Richard A. Lewis
Judy Liff
Robert S. Lipman
Bill Lynch
Jack C. Massey
Patricia Matthews-Juarez
Eilene Maupin
Mrs. Frank McCoy, Jr.
Emmie McDonald
Robert McElrath
Bill McInnes
Robert McNeilly
Michael R. McWherter
Beth Mooney
Sen. Carl Moore
Dr. Robert H. Ossoff
David Pack
Brooks Parker

Priscilla Partridge de Garcia
David Perdue
Jimmy Perkins
Roy Perry
Jere Phillips
Sandy Powell
Scott Probasco
Athens C. Pullias
Wayne Qualls
Mrs. Robert Quinn
Ben Rechter
Colin Reed
Doyle Rippee
Kenneth Roberts
Joe M. Rodgers
Carolyn Rogers
Anne L. Russell
Harold Schaperkotter
Herbert Schulman
Verna Schwantes
Carroll Shanks
Bob Shell
Thomas Sherrard
Michael Shmerling
Charles Smith
Barbara Speyer
James W. Stewart
Frances Tigrett-Jackson
Richard Tripper, Jr.
James R. Tuerff
Lon Varnell
Tera Vazquez
William F. Venable
Jane Walters
Bernard Werthan
David K. Wilson
William M. Wilson
Uzi Yemen
Alan Yuspeh
Raymond Zimmerman
J.W. Johnson

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