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I. General
II. Production Related Policies
III. Technical Labor Policies and Procedures
IV. House Policies
V. Alcohol and Food Related Policies
VI. Tennessee State Sales Tax, Amusement Tax and Business Tax
VII. Ticketing Policies and Procedures
VIII. Advertising


  • Smoking is not permitted in any part of the building. Smoking is permitted outside the building at least 50 feet from any entrance.
  • Food is not permitted in the theaters. Drinks, including bottled water, purchased from TPAC Food and Beverage Management are permitted inside the theaters for all performances. Please contact TPAC Event Management for complete information on food and drink policies.
  • The Licensee may not obstruct: (i) any entrances or exits from the building, (ii) any stairways, hallways, or access to utilities within the building, or (iii) any sidewalks immediately outside the building.
  • Animals (other than Service Animals) will not be allowed in the building for any reason other than use in the event and only after the written approval of the TPAC Technical Director prior to load-in. Licensee is responsible for training and safety requirements of all animals, inclusive of service animals, approved to be on property.
  • Decorations and signs may not be placed in any rooms, hallways, lobbies, or theaters in the building without the permission of TPAC. Costs to repair any damage caused by placing such decorations or signs will be paid by the Licensee.
  • No sign or decoration is allowed on the building exterior or sidewalk.
  • Firearms are prohibited in all state buildings. All "prop" weapons must be approved by the TPAC Technical Director at four (4) weeks prior to load in and demonstrated to the TPAC Technical Director upon arrival at the venue. Licensee is responsible for training and safety requirements.
  • TPAC equipment must be operated by TPAC personnel.



  • Prior to the event, the Licensee must provide a complete list of all persons to be allowed in the backstage area to TPAC Technical Director. TPAC reserves the right to restrict backstage access.
  • The house opens 30 minutes prior to the scheduled Performance. All set-up and sound checks must be completed by this time. The TPAC Technical Director will assist the Licensee in opening the house on time. In the instance of War Memorial Auditorium, due to the size of the lobby, TPAC and Licensee will mutually agree on a time for the facilities exterior and interior doors to open.
  • The express oral approval of the TPAC Technical Director, in collaboration with the Licensee’s Stage Manager, is required to begin each performance and end each intermission.
  • House seats will not be removed to accommodate sound and lighting boards. TPAC will provide space behind orchestra level seating to the extreme right and/or left of the control booth. Accessible seating locations will take priority over placement of sound and lighting boards.
  • TPAC reserves the right to control the final sound level for any Event.
  • All coordination between Licensee and TPAC staff will be done through TPAC Event Management with the exception of 1) merchandise or food and beverage requirements, which will be coordinated with TPAC Food and Beverage Management and/or 2) technical labor and requirements, which will be coordinated with the TPAC Technical Director.
  • No additional locks will be permitted on any door of the premises. It is recommended that valuables be collected by the Licensee’s Stage Manager prior to the event and secured until the event is completed. TPAC assumes no responsibility for valuables left in dressing rooms.
  • All smoke, open flame (including candles, sterno, etc.) and pyrotechnics effects must be approved in advance by the TPAC Technical Director, The Metropolitan Nashville Fire Marshal, and the State Fire Marshal’s Office. The Licensee must provide a written description of each effect and/or use of open flame and may be called upon to demonstrate that effect or other use to the Metropolitan Nashville Fire Marshal prior to approval. Pyrotechnic effects permits also require a drawing of the stage showing locations of the effects with respect to audience, actors and/or performers and scenery, and a letter attesting to the expertise of the pyrotechnician. The Licensee shall work in conjunction with the TPAC Technical Director in coordinating demonstrations with the Metro Fire Marshal. Pyrotechnic permits through both State and Metro fire marshal’s office must be issued no later than ten business days prior to the demonstration. Substantial fees are involved in this process and are Licensee’s responsibility. All use of Open Flame and cooking methods must be advanced and approved by TPAC Technical Director prior to event. No onsite cooking is allowed at the War Memorial Auditorium.
  • All scenery and paraphernalia shall be flame proofed by Licensee so as to satisfy legal standards and the highest standards of accepted contemporary practice. Documentation of flame-proofing shall be provided to TPAC upon request.
  • All electrical equipment brought into the Center by the Licensee MUST comply with all rules and regulations of city, state, and federal governments.
  • Any use and/or change of rigging and equipment must be approved in advance by TPAC Technical Director.
  • The Licensee shall not allow nails, tacks, stage screws, or similar articles to be driven or placed in any part of the Center without prior approval of TPAC Technical Director. Repair costs will be sole responsibility of Licensee.
  • The Licensee may not use a forklift on any stage.
  • The facilities are a place of public accommodation and are accessible to disabled persons in compliance with Titles II & III of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The Licensee may not allow any of its artists, employees, contractors, agents, invitees, or any other persons it permits on the premises to render the facilities inaccessible to disabled persons or otherwise cause the facilities to be out of compliance with the ADA. In the event the Licensee permits any person to render the facilities inaccessible to disabled persons or otherwise cause the facilities to be out of compliance with the ADA, the Licensee must immediately remove the cause and return the facilities to compliance.
  • TPAC Technical Director must be informed at least fifteen (15) business days in advance anytime chemical smoke or haze is used in order to insure that building management is informed and proper safety precautions are taken.
  • Use of the loading dock must be approved in advance by TPAC Technical Director. Rental of TPAC spaces does not imply the use of the loading dock for anything other than loading or unloading equipment. Parking on the loading dock is not permitted for any reason other than immediate loading and unloading. Any personnel not directly associated with driving or directing vehicles entering the loading dock must enter the Venue through the stage door. No foot traffic will use the loading dock to enter or exit the Venue.



  • TPAC Technical Director must be on duty at any time Licensee’s production personnel are in the Center.
  • Minimum crew call will be four (4) hours for load-in, rehearsals, and performances. Minimum call will be three (3) hours for load-out. All billing for labor will be assessed in half hour increments.
  • Meal breaks are to be allowed after each five (5) hours and no earlier than three (3) hours of work. The entire crew will participate in this break. Meal breaks may be taken by departments as mutually agreed upon by the Licensee and TPAC Technical Director. If meal breaks are not observed, the Licensee will be charged a meal penalty rate (one and one half times the applicable hourly rate) after five (5) hours of work and until a meal break is observed or the end of the call is reached. In lieu of a full hour break, the Licensee may furnish a meal for all technical staff on call and take less than one (1) hour, but not less than one half (½) hour. No time shall be deducted for breaks of less than one (1) hour. All crew members shall be guaranteed two (2) hours minimum of work following a one (1) hour meal break. If a meal break in excess of 90 minutes is taken a new four (4) hour minimum call will ensue. Overtimes rates apply to all technical staff, including department heads.
  • During any call, the technical staff will be given a minimum of one (1) break of fifteen (15) minutes after three (3) hours and no earlier than two (2) hours of work in one five (5) hour period and two (2) breaks if the call is over five (5) hours. This break procedure starts over after each eight (8) hours worked.
  • An overtime rate (one and one-half times employee's prevailing rate) will be charged for each hour worked over eight (8) hours in one day and for each hour worked over forty (40) regular hours in one week. Overtimes rates apply to all technical staff, including department heads.
  • There will be an eight (8) hour rest period between calls across multiple days of the same production or an overtime rate (one and one-half times employee's prevailing rate) will be charged until an eight (8) hour rest period is observed. Overtimes rates apply to all technical staff, including department heads.
  • An overtime rate (one and one-half times employee’s prevailing rate) will be charged for any hours worked between 2:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. Overtimes rates apply to all technical staff, including department heads.
  • Double time will be charged for all work performed on the following holidays or the day TPAC chooses to observe these holidays: New Year’s Day; Easter; Memorial Day; Independence Day; Labor Day; Thanksgiving Day; Christmas Eve; and Christmas Day.
  • The Licensee must give TPAC Technical Director forty-eight (48) hours notice of its intent to cancel any crew prior to a scheduled call. Failure to inform TPAC Technical Director will result in an automatic charge to Licensee equal to the cost of a four (4) hour work call by all personnel who were scheduled but did not work.
  • TPAC Technical Director will assist the Licensee in adhering to Policies and Procedures. It is, however, the responsibility of the Licensee to schedule the Event in such a manner as to comply and avoid penalty.
  • Riggers installing or removing chain motors overhead will be charged at a premium rate. Overtime rates will be charged where applicable.



  • Up to three (3) tables, clothed and skirted, with chairs and up to three (3) easels will be provided and set up in the lobby at no charge so long as requests for such items are received at least three (3) days prior to the Event. Labor required to set up additional tables and chairs will be charged to the Licensee. Tables will not be added during performance times. Please contact TPAC Event Management to request special lobby set up needs.
  • Labor to hang standard banners in the James K. Polk Theater and the Andrew Johnson Theater will be provided at no charge provided the request is communicated to TPAC at least three (3) days prior to the Event. These banners must be delivered to TPAC no later than four (4) hours prior to the start of the Event or as approved by TPAC Management. Please contact TPAC Event Management to request special lobby set up needs. There is no system in place to hang banners at War Memorial Auditorium Lobby or Jackson Hall Lobby. Please contact TPAC Event Management to discuss possible options in displaying banners at these Venues.
  • For 30 days prior to any ticketed Performance, up through the night of the Performance, the title, date, time and theater space will be displayed in rotation on the marquee with other TPAC events (non-ticketed events may appear on the marquee for a fee). Each Performance appears once approximately every 10 minutes between 6 a.m. and 12 midnight. “Stars” and “Name in Title Sponsors” may be included on the marquee, subject to the approval of the Tennessee Performing Arts Center on a case-by-case basis. There is no additional charge to the Licensee for marquee promotion.
  • Program inserts must be delivered at least 90 minutes prior to curtain. Late arrivals will be stuffed prior to the next performance. More than three (3) inserts require additional usher time, and this charge will be billed to the Licensee.
  • Requests for easels, tables, and cloths are on a first come, first served, space available basis. Last minute requests may not be readily accommodated.
  • Storage for merchandise is limited. Therefore, only the merchandise to be sold during the Event can be brought to the front of the house.
  • The Licensee should not leave its merchandise or ticket tables unattended before, during, or after events. TPAC does not accept responsibility for Licensee’s front of house setup, including merchandise, displays, or other items left unattended.
  • Remaining programs, inserts, or other items (for example: promotional, development or marketing items) left behind after the final Performance will be discarded within 24 hours of that Performance.
  • The Licensee should submit a late seating policy to the TPAC House Manager no later than one (1) week prior to the event. In the absence of the Licensee’s policy, TPAC will handle late seating at its discretion. The policy will not be changed during the first performance, but can be modified prior to the next performance.
  • Logistics for all backstage activities, including meet and greets, VIP Receptions and other events which may require movement of guests from front-of-house to backstage areas must be coordinated with TPAC Event Management prior to the Event.
  • TPAC requires seven (7) calendar days advance notice for front of house staffing for any added Performances not previously scheduled including, but not limited to invited dress rehearsals, sponsored dress rehearsals, corporate performances etc..



  • As the authorized license holder, TPAC is responsible for the serving of alcoholic beverages in certain designated areas of the performing arts center and War Memorial Auditorium. TPAC follows and strictly adheres to the alcoholic beverage laws established by the State of Tennessee and Metro Nashville. In no event shall Licensee be entitled to sell or distribute alcoholic beverages without prior written approval from TPAC Food and Beverage Management and only with proper State and Metro licensing.
  • The authorized alcohol licenses may limit the locations where alcoholic beverages are served and what beverages may be served. Alcoholic beverages may not be taken into the State Museum area, the courtyard at War Memorial, or other areas outside the designated areas of the Center without special permission and appropriate permits.
  • TPAC reserves the right to close serving areas at any Event where the serving of alcohol may cause a dangerous situation. TPAC shall use its sole discretion in serving persons believed to be intoxicated.
  • TPAC shall supply all product and labor necessary to backstage hospitality service to guests and artists. Requests for an exception to this rule must be submitted in writing no later than thirty (30) days prior to the start of the first Performance of the Licensee’s engagement to the TPAC Food and Beverage Management whose decision is final.
  • Special functions that include food and beverage service beyond the normal concessions at Events must be coordinated with the TPAC Food and Beverage Management and/or TPAC Event Management. Depending on the nature of the Event, TPAC may be able to provide complete service or may authorize the hiring of an outside caterer to provide the food portion of the function. A menu and price list of TPAC’s food and beverage items is available from TPAC Food and Beverage Management.



  • TPAC is required to collect and pay to the State of Tennessee sales tax of 9.25% on the following items:
    1. Equipment and/or services from an outside vendor arranged by TPAC as specified in Article 2(c)(vi) of the Commercial License Agreement.
    2. Consumable items purchased from TPAC.
  • Licensee is required to make an Amusement Tax Payment, as specified in Article 2(c)(ix) of the Commercial License Agreement, to the State of Tennessee in an amount equal to 9.25% of the face value of all tickets sold. Applicable tax will be deducted from box office receipts at show settlement and TPAC will pay amusement tax to the State on behalf of Licensee.
  • Licensee is not subject to the 9.25% State of Tennessee Sales Tax or the 9.25% Amusement Tax described in 1 and 2 above if:
    1. You are a certified exempt 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and have a Blanket Certificate of Exemption from the Tennessee Department of Revenue on file in our office prior to your event.
    2. You have a Tenessee State Sales Tax number and have a signed Blanket Certificate of Resale with your sales tax number on file in our office prior to your event.
  • Complimentary tickets used in trade are subject to Tennessee Trade and Barter tax.
  • Licensee may direct questions about either Tennessee sales tax or Tennessee amusement tax to a tax specialist with the Tennessee Department of Revenue by calling (615) 360-0401 or writing to Tennessee Department of Revenue, Attn: Ms. Emily Parker, PO Box 17374, Nashville, TN 37217-0374.
  • Licensee may be required to file a Metropolitan Nashville & Davidson County business tax return annually for all business conducted in Nashville &/or Davidson County, not just business related to events held at TPAC. Licensee may obtain more information by consulting the Nashville & Davidson County Clerk’s Office by logging on to http://www.nashvilleclerk.com/ or calling (615) 862-6050. TPAC will not be responsible for deducting this tax from settlement or remitting the tax on behalf of rental clients.
  • All tax rates stated above are subject to adjustment per applicable taxing authority.



  • When pre-paid or complimentary tickets are to be distributed to patrons by the Licensee prior to a Performance at a location other than the TPAC Box Office, a written account of patrons’ names and/or group name and where they may pick up their tickets must be provided to the TPAC Box Office at least two (2) hours prior to curtain.
  • For shows that are NOT night-of-show settlements: Four (4) calendar days following the run of any production the ticketing reports will be considered final. Adjustments by the Licensee made to ticket holds or accounts must be made before the end of this four (4) day period. After this grace period, amounts on Ticketing System reports are the figures upon which TPAC will settle. There will be no exceptions to this policy without notice in advance of the final day within the four (4) day period.
  • The TPAC Box Office has the right to place “holds” on the system in order to secure seats for purchase, customer service issues, etc. These holds will be left on the system for a maximum of seven (7) days.
  • Pre-existing ticketing reports must be requested at least three (3) days in advance. Should a custom report be needed, it may take longer than this to create, set-up, test, and execute. Licensee will be notified of any delay and anticipated delivery date.
  • TPAC will provide, upon request, an electronic file of Single Ticket Buyers’ marketing data consisting of only those consumers who have given direct permission to receive marketing materials. A full listing of Licensee consumer marketing data can be accessed upon special request to TPAC Box Office Management. Licensee must request files in writing and allow three (3) business days for the TPAC Box Office to process.
  • All complimentary ticket requests to be filled by the TPAC Box Office must arrive at least twenty four (24) hours in advance of curtain. All requests for complimentary ticket processing and pre-printed tickets must be faxed, emailed, or delivered in writing.
  • All Will Call tickets must be delivered to the TPAC Box Office no later than ninety (90) minutes prior to curtain.
  • Licensee may request for lost or stolen tickets to be reprinted by TPAC, or Resident Companies may print them at their own office. All reprinted tickets, regardless of where they were physically printed, will be held at will call and may not be mailed. A fee will be assessed to the customer for reprints.
  • Licensee must have a representative present in or near the box office 90 minutes prior to curtain for each performance to address potential questions or problems. Constant phone contact is required of all representatives.
  • For security reasons, no merchandise or tickets may be left or stored in the box office(s) at any time. This is because the box office locations near each theater are not enclosed behind a locking door. Only box office personnel and the Licensee’s representative are allowed in the box office(s).
  • TPAC Box Office hours are: Monday - Friday 10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. (except show days). If there is a show in-house, the corresponding theater box office will open 90 minutes prior to the show, and remain open until the first intermission or twenty (20) minutes into the Performance if there is no intermission.
  • All TPAC holds will be released prior to showtime on the following schedule. “TPAC Contractual to Sell” holds will be sold and “TPAC Contractual to Comp” holds are available for comp use. The numbers below are our standard number of holds per performance. If different holds are negotiated, the amounts listed in the Ticketing Contract (Schedule A) will supersede the amounts below; however, they will be released in the same manner.
    JACKSON 16 to Sell - release 8 at 72 hours, 4 at 24 hours, and the remaining 4 at 2 hours
         8 to Comp - release 4 at 72 hours and 4 at 2 hours
    POLK 10 to Sell - release 2 at 72 hours, 4 at 24 hours, and 4 at 2 hours
        6 to Comp - release 2 at 72 hours and 4 at 2 hours
    JOHNSON 8 to Sell - release 2 at 72 hours, 2 at 24 hours; and 2 at 2 hours
        4 to Comp - release 2 at 24 hours and 2 at 2 hours
    WAR MEMORIAL AUDITORIUM 10 to Sell - release 2 at 72 hours, 4 at 24 hours, and 4 at 2 hours
        6 to Comp - release 2 at 72 hours and 4 at 2 hours
  • Venue Box Offices and how they work:
    1. These offices will serve the specific theater only.
    2. Satellite box offices will be open ninety (90) minutes prior to curtain at each venue location. The Johnson Theater operates from the Main TPAC Box Office on G-Level. All tickets printed by the Licensee are to be delivered to these offices stuffed and labeled ninety (90) minutes prior to curtain so the box office can be ready to serve customers starting ninety (90) minutes prior to curtain.
    3. For security reasons, no merchandise or tickets may be left or stored in satellite box offices at any time. Only TPAC Box Office personnel and the Licensee representative are allowed in the satellite box office.
    4. Due to the nature of the lobby space, War Memorial Auditorium box office will close as soon as the Performance begins and there will be no intermission sales.
  • At the War Memorial Auditorium, a Licensee’s representative may be asked to handle all will call ticketing. The need for a Licensee representatives to handle will call will be addressed on a case by case, day by day basis. Need is based on size of will call. This office will be opened ninety (90) minutes before show time.
  • In the event that a Performance does not include an intermission, the satellite box office will stay open twenty (20) minutes into the Performance to ensure all late arriving patrons have been assisted.



  • All advertising must include the TPAC Box Office - Downtown, www.tpac.org, and 615-782-4040. In the event of Group Sales being offered separately from single ticket sales, a 2nd phone number may be used for Group Sales, 615-782-4060.
  • TPAC ticket sales phone room hours are: 6:00 am – 9:00 pm, Daily, Central Time. TPAC Ticket Services will be closed on Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day and New Year’s Day. TPAC reserves the right to employ a 3rd party phone center at its discretion.
  • No banners may be hung in the Andrew Jackson Hall Lobby or the War Memorial Auditorium Lobby. Banners may be hung in the James K. Polk Theater Lobby and the Andrew Johnson Theater Lobby. Please see IV. House Policies, 2 for banner policies.
  • Please request a current TPAC Marketing Services Guide for the most up to date offerings from our in-house agency to assist in the promotion and publicity of your Event.


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