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Billy and the Bacteria

Billy's mother was close to hysteria,
He hadn't brushed his teeth-
They were full of bacteria!
"Bacteria," said Billy
"what are they? And why,
Do they live in my mouth?
Ah, please, Ma, don't cry."

The bacteria knew it was time for some fun
He'd scare both the mother and her cute son.

"I'm a Bacteria!
Isn't it a hoot!
I'm here to destroy, to infect, to pollute!
I'm purple and yellow
With big spots of green,
I look like a monster
And I smell like sardines!"

Billy's mother collapsed on the bed,
She grabbed a clean tissue,
Wiped her eyes and she said,

"Oh Billy, my Billy,
What am I to do?
Your teeth are so filthy
All covered with goo!

If you don't brush,
Your teeth will fall out-
You'll have to eat only oatmeal
And cold sauerkraut!

Billy heard enough - not a moment to waste!
He used all the floss, and fluoride and toothpaste.

"Oh good boy, Billy!
You listened to my warning."

Of course, they'll go through it,
All again in the morning.

Billy and the Bacteria
by Kathleen Lynam
Copyright © 1997 Crafty Characters. All rights reserved. Used by permission.
Vocal: Kathleen Lynam
Guitar: Paul Carrol Binkley

Ⓟ & © 2011 Tennessee Performing Arts Center. All copying and unauthorized use prohibited. All rights reserved.