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Somebody Loves Me

Somebody loves me,
Want to know who?
It's not my mom,
Though she loves me, too.
It's not my dad,
Silly as can be.
He's always saying
That he loves me three.
It's not my sister,
Running out the door,
She doesn't talk much,
But she loves me four.
And my baby brother's
Just barely alive.
He doesn't talk at all,
But he loves me five.
And my friend, Hanna,
Shows me magic tricks,
So I know she loves me
At least six.
And Grandma and Grandpa
Let me stay up late.
So I say they love me,
Seven and eight.
And Maxwell Anderson,
That brave dog of mine,
Barks every day
That he loves me nine.
Even our babysitter
Now and then
Admits that she loves me
And that makes ten.

Somebody loves me.
Want to know who?
It's someone who's very
Very close to you.
I bet you can't guess it
If I count to three.
I'm that somebody!
I love me!

Somebody Loves Me
by Mary Lafleur
Copyright © 1996 Beclidon Music, BMI. All rights reserved. Used by permission.
Recording Courtesy of Safari Records.
Performed by Mary Lafleur

Ⓟ & © 2011 Tennessee Performing Arts Center. All copying and unauthorized use prohibited. All rights reserved.