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Little Hector

A bee sat on a flower-
His name was Little Hector.

"Man, I'm really hungry,
Give me all your nectar!"

The flower said,
"Oh, Hector dear,
How I love you little bees,
But you forgot the magic word."

Then Hector said,
"Ah, please."

He drank up all the nectar
In about an hour,

"Well, I'm all done,
Gotta run-
See ya' later flower."

The flower said,
"Oh, Hector dear,
Before you fly away,
I think there is something else
that you forgot to say."

"Oh, thank-you."

"You're welcome, dear Hector
And please do come again.
Bring along the other bees,
Good-bye my little friend!"

Little Hector
by Kathleen Lynam
Copyright © 1997 Crafty Characters. All rights reserved. Used by permission.
Vocal: Kathleen Lynam
Guitar: Paul Carrol Binkley

Ⓟ & © 2011 Tennessee Performing Arts Center. All copying and unauthorized use prohibited. All rights reserved.