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Rachel Sumner – an innovative singer/songwriter whose witty and delightful songs charm her listeners, Rachel performs The New Itsy Bitsy Spider, You Brush Your Teeth, Can You Dance Like That, Doctor Knickerbocker, and Little Ms. Muffett. Learn more about Rachel here.

Jocelyn Sprouse – a gifted violinist who plays all over the world, Jocelyn brings her love of classical music to the project with excerpts from popular pieces: Norwegian Dance No. 2  by Edvard Greig,  Elves Dance by Ezra Jenkinson, and Allegro by Joseph-Hector Fiocco.

Dann Sherrill – an expert in Brazilian percussion, Dann creates multi-layered rhythms and soundscapes that fire the imagination and make children want to move with Conga Line Comparsa, Samba de Roda, Merengue Auténtico, Blues Away, and A Walk Through the Rainforest. Learn more about Dann here.

Ginger Sands – an inspiring recording artist, Ginger welcomes children into the world of music and storytelling with Somebody Near You, Goldilocks, Winter and Spring, Little Red Riding Hood, and Jack and Jill. Learn more about Ginger here.

Kathleen Lynam – known for her spectacular puppetry, Kathleen shares the poetry and songs she creates for her puppet characters in Billy and the Bacteria, What Happened to Itsy Bitsy?, Listen to Your Mama, Humpty!, and  Little Hector. Learn more about Kathleen here.

Jamie London – a musical theatre powerhouse, Jamie shows her love of all kinds of music with Raise Your Hand, Sugar Slump, and our title song, Give Yourself a High Five.

Lattie Brown – a talented performer turned producer for the Tennessee Performing Arts Center, Lattie loves singing for little ones again with Walk Daniel and GoGoGo.

Mary Lafleur – a remarkable writer of songs and poetry, Mary left behind a wealth of wonderful work for children as well as recordings of her lovely voice which can be heard on Somebody Loves Me and The Sun Is Up. Learn more about Mary here.


Producer: Lattie Brown
Executive Producer: Tennessee Performing Arts Center
Music Director: Jeff Steinberg
Recording and Mixing Engineer: Jason Lehning
Music Editing: Jordan Lehning
Mastering: Jim DeMain

Roger Spencer: Upright Bass and Electric Bass
Paul Carrol Binkley: Acoustic Guitar and Electric Guitar
Bob Mater: Drums
Billy Contreras: Fiddle
Jeff Steinberg: Piano
David Talbot: Banjo
Roy Agee: Trombone
Thomas Anderson: Beatboxing
Jocelyn Sprouse: Violin
Dann Sherrill: Percussion

Lead Vocals: Rachel Sumner, Jamie London, Ginger Sands, Kathleen Lynam, Lattie Brown, Dann Sherrill
Additional Vocals: Rachel Sumner, Jamie London, Ginger Sands, Lattie Brown, Roy Agee, Jeff Hall

Recorded at The Holler and Funky Fingers Productions in Nashville, Tennessee
Mixed at The Compound in Nashville, Tennessee
Mastered at Yes Master in Nashville, Tennessee

Original Cover Art: Jennifer Wright
Cover Photography: Martin O'Connor
Graphic Design: Jennifer Wright
Ⓟ & © 2011 Tennessee Performing Arts Center. All copying and unauthorized use prohibited. All rights reserved.