Give Yourself a High Five

HighFive-squareMusic and education go hand in hand. They intersect in a powerful way every day at the Tennessee Performing Arts Center.

Each time they do, something wonderful comes out of it. In that spirit, TPAC Education found a void they could fill in musical education and produced an album of children’s music and stories to just that.

Give Yourself a High Five was created as a musical calling card for students that could be left behind when TPAC teaching artists left classrooms they had been invited into for classroom residencies.

“It started as a simple idea, but as we happen to live in Nashville, it quickly became more,” said Lattie Brown, producer of Give Yourself a High Five and Director of Special Projects at TPAC Education. Last year, the album won a Parents’ Choice Gold Award.

Teaching artists Rachel Sumner,  Jamie London, and Ginger Sands
with musical director Jeff Steinberg in the middle

The songs on this children’s album were designed to be fun, interactive, and pre-school specific with inspiration from teachers to nursery rhymes. Brown discussed some of these inspirations to the albums’ song craft by elaborating; “‘Jack and Jill’ is based on a playground nursery rhyme rap taught to one teaching artist by her daughter. Some songs were written during school residencies precisely to serve a specific teacher request, like “Sugar Slump” which encourages good food choices. TPAC teaching artists enjoy the creative challenge of writing or finding quality music, songs and poetry that will provide a great experience, both musical and educational, for kids.”

TPAC is continuing to strive to enrich the lives and education of children through musical education, and as a part of this never-ending endeavor, Give Yourself a High Five will be coming to the stage April 23-25 as part of TPAC Education’s H.O.T. Season for Young People. This pre-school and kindergarten age-appropriate show is designed to be exciting and interactive for everyone in attendance.

Teachers can get tickets for their students through TPAC Education, and the album can be purchased for fun at home through iTunes or CD Baby.

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