A New Performance Home

With a bold vision for the future, Tennessee Performing Arts Center (TPAC) will elevate the artistic landscape of Nashville with a new home for the arts.

Fifty years ago, a brave group of women seized an extraordinary opportunity to fight for the creation of a performing arts center. After more than four decades of enriching lives, enhancing education, and building community through the arts, TPAC® stands at a pivotal, once-in-a-lifetime moment for brave and visionary champions of the arts to build a world-class cultural campus on the East Bank.

More than a venue or a non-profit, TPAC is a pioneer of artistic excellence and education that has served generations of
Nashvillians, revitalized schools and classrooms, and supported local arts companies. Our legacy is both expansive and local, and a new home for TPAC will be a hub for innovation and incubation that builds on the legacy, expands representation for our diverse communities, and makes accessible arts experiences that unite, uplift,
and inspire.

TPAC is vital to Nashville’s vibrant arts community that has drawn people from around the world to make our city their home. If we truly want Nashvillians to stay, a thriving and community-focused home for TPAC is an artistic, educational, and economic imperative.

The Cultural Epicenter of Nashville

The Artists Behind the Project

TPAC is in a visioning phase of work with a world-renowned team of architects designing the new performance home for TPAC. Bjarke Ingels and his colleagues at Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG), William Rawn Associates, and Nashville-based Hastings Architects are developing innovative concepts that celebrate TPAC and Nashville’s rich history.

Join us as we envision the future of TPAC

State funding will allow TPAC to continue providing essential services, but TPAC needs your support as we look to honor our legacy by creating new opportunities to expand our reach and relevancy for future generations with a new facility.

The pursuit of TPAC’s future home is underway as we identify philanthropic leaders that wish to fund this visionary project and match the extraordinary commitment from the State of Tennessee.

TPAC has embarked on a capital campaign, with a goal of raising $100 million, to build a new performance home. Your investment in a new performance home will unlock a state grant with a match that is 5x your total commitment.

Please contact BuildBold@TPAC.ORG to discuss a customized investment plan for the future of the arts in Tennessee.