Frequently Asked Questions

How do I buy tickets to a show at TPAC or War Memorial Auditorium?

Purchase at, by phone 615-782-4040, or in person at the TPAC Box Office at 505 Deaderick Street. Visit Box Office Information for details.  Due to COVID-19, our box office is currently closed to in-person sales and assistance.

Do you offer season tickets?

Season tickets are available for the HCA Healthcare/TriStar Health Broadway at TPAC series, Nashville Ballet, Nashville Opera, and Nashville Repertory Theatre. Visit Season Ticket Holder Benefits for information about Broadway season tickets. For information about season ticket packages offered by our resident companies, visit the websites below:

Nashville Ballet
Nashville Opera
Nashville Repertory Theatre

What does limited view mean?

It means you’ll be unable to see the entire stage from those seats.

We sell these seats because for many fans the limited view is not a problem, and the tickets are clearly labeled at time of purchase (see photo below).  Limited view seating varies event to event and could be something as small as a tiny corner of the stage being blocked from view.  Please call our box office at 615-782-4040 for additional information on limited view seating.


Frequently Asked Questions: Limited View displayed in purchase path

Seats marked with “Limited View” during purchase path

Do you charge handling fees?

Per ticket handling fees are charged for all tickets purchased by phone or online. As always, tickets purchased in person at the box office do not incur handling fees. TPAC only receives a small percentage of each ticket sold. As a nonprofit, we depend on these fees for maintaining our tech support, phone staff, website, and ticketing software, as well as basic upkeep of the buildings.

IN PERSON – Thru October 3, 2021

Box office window hours:

  • Monday:  Closed
  • Tuesday – Friday: 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. CT
  • Weekends: Closed
I notice that some of your shows have a limit on how many tickets can be purchased "per household." Why is this and what constitutes a household?

Many shows impose ticket limits to allow as many people as possible to have equal access to seats. This is done as a deterrent to third party vendors, i.e. scalpers, who may purchase large blocks of seats and then resell them online at an inflated cost. The term “household” refers to any shared information on one or more accounts. This includes, but may not be limited to matching names, mailing and billing addresses, e-mail addresses, phone numbers and credit card numbers. Any households that purchase more than the allowed number of tickets may have their order(s) refunded without notice.

How will I receive my tickets?

There are two ways patrons can receive their tickets:

  • Will Call: Tickets selected to be picked up at the venue will be available 90 minutes prior to show time. A valid photo ID must be presented at the time of pick up.
  • TPAC Concierge Mobile App: Tickets will appear on the mobile app within 12 hours of show time.
My print-at-home ticket only shows a barcode. Where is all the event information?

Some users experience issues rendering the print-at-home tickets on mobile or tablet devices. We recommend opening, viewing, and printing print-at-home tickets on a desktop computer. If you do not have access to a desktop, the box office can print your tickets for entry into the venue on the night of the performance. Your tickets also will be available within 12 hours of show time through the TPAC Concierge mobile app.

What if I purchased tickets from a site other than

If you have had an unfortunate experience with a third-party vendor (i.e. scalper or broker), contact us or call 615-782-4040 . For more information visit our Buyer Beware information page.

If I purchase season tickets, then decide that I want to cancel them, will I be able to get a full refund?

Season tickets may be canceled and refunded in full, provided ALL tickets in the season ticket package are returned to the box office before the first show occurs. Once the first show in the season package has begun, the package cannot be refunded.

I am a season ticket holder, and I am unable to attend my usual performance. Can I exchange my ticket(s)?

Yes, season ticket holders to Broadway at TPAC, Nashville Ballet, Nashville Opera, and Nashville Repertory Theatre can exchange season tickets for select shows. To exchange your tickets please call:

  • Broadway at TPAC: 615-782-6560
  • Nashville Ballet: 615-297-2966
  • Nashville Opera: 615-832-5242
  • Nashville Repertory Theatre: 615-782-6560

Tickets can only be exchanged for another date of the same performance. Tickets must be exchanged no less than two hours prior to the originally scheduled performance.

Can I exchange my ticket(s) if I am not a season ticket holder?

Each show has its own rules regarding single ticket exchanges. Non-season ticket buyers are able to exchange tickets for select Broadway, Nashville Ballet, and Nashville Repertory Theatre performances. When exchanges are available, tickets can only be exchanged for another date of the same performance. Tickets must be exchanged no less than two (2) hours prior to the originally scheduled performance. To find out if your tickets can be exchanged, call 615-782-4040. (All non-season-ticket-holder ticket exchanges carry a $6.00 per ticket exchange fee).

I am unable to attend my performance or to exchange into another date. Can I get a refund?

While we navigate the changing COVID-19 landscape, options for refunds are determined by the show’s producers. For more information, contact the box office at 615-782-4040.

May I donate my tickets back to TPAC?

Yes! Tickets for select shows at TPAC and War Memorial Auditorium may be donated back to TPAC in support of our nonprofit mission for a tax credit. These tickets must be donated at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled performance. For more information, contact the box office at 615-782-4040.

Are student rush tickets available?

Many performances at TPAC will offer some type of rush ticket. Cost, quantity, students vs. adults, and when rush tickets are available are all determined by each presenting organization. Please call our box office at 615-782-4040 for the most up-to-date information.

Do you have discounts for groups?

Yes, please visit our Group Sales Page for more information.

Does my baby/child need a ticket and, if so, do you offer special rates for children?

Every patron must have a ticket, regardless of age. Unless young children are the primary audience, we recommend against bringing babies and young children to our performances. Some shows may have an age limit due to content, and any persons who do not meet the required age will not be allowed entry. For more information, see the show details page for the performance in question, or contact the box office at 615-782-4040.

Can I buy TPAC gift certificates?

Yes, gift certificates are available. They may be used for all shows at TPAC in any of our venues.
Purchase Gift Certificates online.

Traditional Groups

What is the required group minimum?

The minimum varies by show, but is typically 10 tickets to the same performance. Contact TPAC Group Sales for specifics.

When can I begin reserving group tickets?

Groups can reserve tickets months in advance of the general public for Broadway shows. Book your group tickets as soon as possible to enable you to get the best seats possible in each location.

What shows are currently on sale through TPAC Group Sales?

All Broadway, TPAC Presents, and Nashville Repertory Theatre tickets are currently on sale.

What is your payment policy?

Visit our Terms & Billing page for payment policies.

University Saver

How do I find out if my school participates?

Many schools in the Nashville area and throughout Tennessee participate in the program. Contact Group Sales to find out if your school is included.

What is the cost to offer University Saver?

The University Saver program is free to all interested colleges and universities.

What types of shows are offered?

We offer special discounts and priority offers to select Broadway, TPAC Presents, and Nashville Repertory Theatre shows throughout each season. Additionally, Nashville Ballet and Nashville Opera performances have their own discounts. Visit or for more information.

How does the program work?

Group Sales creates a special promo code for each participating school. Students, faculty, and staff can use the promo code for access to ticket discounts and pre-sale opportunities throughout the year. Please let us know if there are any opportunities to visit and provide this information in person.

What if I forgot my promo code?

Contact Group Sales, and a representative will gladly assist you.

When can I buy tickets using my promo code?

For Broadway shows, promo codes are activated 1-2 weeks prior to the public on-sale for each show. For TPAC Presents and Nashville Repertory Theatre, promo code activation varies. Contact Group Sales with questions regarding specific shows.

How many tickets do I have to purchase to receive the discount?

There is no minimum to receive your University Saver discount.

Corporate Saver

How many tickets do I have to purchase to receive the discount?

There is no minimum to receive your Corporate Saver discount.

When can I buy tickets using my promo code?

For Broadway shows, promo codes are activated 1-2 weeks prior to the public on-sale for each show. For TPAC Presents and Nashville Repertory Theatre, promo code activation varies. Contact Group Sales if you have questions regarding specific shows.

What if I forgot my promo code?

Contact Group Sales, and a representative will gladly assist you.

How does the program work?

We create a special promo code for each participating business. Employees can use the promo code to access ticket discounts and pre-sale opportunities throughout the year. Each month, new offers are created and e-mailed to each company contact, who then forwards the information. Please let us know if there are any opportunities to visit and provide this information in person. We can also send additional promotional materials such as brochures or flyers.

What types of shows are offered?

We offer special discounts and priority offers to select Broadway, TPAC Presents, and Nashville Repertory Theatre shows throughout each season. Additionally, Nashville Ballet and Nashville Opera performances have their own discounts. Visit or for more information.

How do I find out if my company participates?

Many companies in the Nashville area participate in the program. Contact Group Sales to find out if your company is included.

How can my company participate in Corporate Saver?

Our Corporate Saver program is available for companies and organizations who donate a minimum of $500 annually to support TPAC. It is also open for sponsors or contributing partners of TPAC. Contact us to learn more about becoming a donor, sponsor, or contributing partner.

What if I would like season tickets for my business?

Season ticket options are available to businesses as a part of our Season Tickets for Groups program.

Season Tickets for Groups

How do Season Tickets for Groups work?

Companies, organizations, friends, and family can purchase a Broadway at TPAC or Nashville Repertory Theatre season package together as a group of 10 or more. TPAC Group Sales personally assists you in selecting dates, pricing, and seating. We can also help tailor a payment plan that works best for you and your group.

When are season tickets generally sold?

HCA Healthcare/TriStar Health Broadway at TPAC and Nashville Repertory Theatre season ticket packages are typically sold between February and August.

How do I sign up for Season Tickets for Groups?
Do you have a seating chart of the theater?

Seating charts for Jackson Hall, Polk Theater, Johnson Theater, and War Memorial Auditorium can be viewed on our Seat Maps page. At War Memorial Auditorium, the Tier/Balcony is always seated, and the Orchestra Level changes from Open Floor (standing) to Seated based on the show. For more information about seat locations, call 615-782-4040.

What’s playing now or happening soon?

Visit our calendar, which gives you several options for viewing the schedule of performances.

Sign up for StageLinks, our e-newsletter, for information on upcoming shows, discount offers, and breaking news.

What is your late seating policy?

Since we hold several different types of performances, the policy for late seating is at the discretion of the production company and varies by show. Some production companies require audience members to “hold” outside the theater until an appropriate time in the performance. We encourage patrons to arrive at least 30 minutes prior to their scheduled performance to avoid frustration.

How long does the performance last?

Run times vary per performance. Please call Patron Services at 615-782-4040 between 10:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. for show specific run times.

What time does the headliner go on for a concert?

The time printed on your ticket is the scheduled start time for the show. Doors typically open one hour prior to show. Set times vary. Please note that set times and opening acts are always subject to change. Be sure to join our Facebook event and/or follow us on Twitter for the most up-to-date info.

Do I need an ID to enter the venue?

If the show is designated “18+” or “21+”, you must show a valid, state-issued ID to enter the venue. Underage patrons will be denied admittance, even if accompanied by an adult. A valid, state-issued ID is always required to pick up tickets at Will Call and to purchase alcoholic drinks.

What is the dress code?

There is no specific dress code. Please wear clothes that make you the most comfortable.

What items are prohibited from performances?

Prohibited items include:

  • Oversized bags and backpacks
  • Outside food or drink
  • Drugs, smoking, or use of vaporizers or e-cigs
  • Selfie sticks
  • Weapons
  • Face paint
  • Laptops and iPads
  • Musical instruments
  • Audio recording devices or professional photography equipment (cameras with detachable lenses).
  • Laser pens

Certain shows include additional items, these items will be posted on a sign outside of the venue entrance.

Do you sell food and beverages at the performances?

Yes. Beverages, snacks, and specialty items are available for purchase prior to performances and during intermission. Concessions are sold at Center Landing Café between Jackson Hall and Polk Theater and bars in the lobby of each theater.

Do you sell liquor?

Yes. We sell wine, beer, and mixed drinks prior to most performances and during intermission. A valid, state-issued ID is always required to purchase alcoholic drinks.

Can you eat and drink during performances?

TPAC has followed many NYC Broadway theaters and other performing arts centers in allowing food and drinks purchased in the lobby into the theater. This applies to most shows presented by TPAC. However, this practice may vary depending on the production company’s policy. Nashville Ballet, Nashville Opera, and Nashville Repertory Theatre allow drinks without ice into the theater during their performances, but do not allow food.

Are tobacco products allowed in the theaters?

TPAC and War Memorial Auditorium are non-smoking facilities and no tobacco products of any kind are allowed. This includes cigarettes, cigars, pipes, chewing tobacco, and vaporizers. Designated smoking areas are located outside each building.

Are cameras and recorders allowed in the theater?

Policies for non-professional cameras and mobile devices vary for each production. For some productions, the use of cameras and recording devices is strictly prohibited by contracts with the performing artists and organizations. Please call Patron Services at 615-782-4040 between 10:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. for more information.

Do you accept credit cards?

TPAC and War Memorial Auditorium accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover. Visa and Mastercard debit cards are also accepted. Merchandise areas for some shows only accept cash.

Is there an ATM?

Yes, in the main lobby inside TPAC’s Deaderick Street entrance, or in the lobby of Sheraton Grand hotel nearby .

Where are the restrooms?

Restrooms are located on Level G of the Jackson Hall lobby, down one level when you enter the building under the marquee on 6th Avenue. Additional restrooms are in the back of Jackson Hall, down the stairs in the rear Orchestra level. Restrooms are in Polk and Johnson Theater lobbies. Accessible restrooms are in the rear of Jackson Hall for performances in that theater, on Level G of the Jackson Hall lobby, and in the Polk Theater lobby. Restrooms are accessible and can be reached by elevator on the lower level of War Memorial Auditorium.

Do you have wheelchairs?

Wheelchairs are available at no cost for use at any theater at TPAC and War Memorial Auditorium with advance notice on a “first come, first served” basis. To reserve a wheelchair, call 615-782-4087 two days prior to the performance you plan to attend. By calling this number, you may also request assistance from TPAC staff on the curb at the main entrance to TPAC on 6th Avenue.

Are you accessible to people with disabilities?

Yes, TPAC and War Memorial Auditorium are accessible to people with disabilities. We provide services for people with special needs including audio descriptions of select performances – typically the Sunday matinees for Broadway engagements. Get more information about our accessible services including parking, seating, and signed performances for the hearing-impaired. Feel free to call 615-782-6577 to discuss your special needs in advance if your questions are not addressed on this web site.

Do you have a “lost and found” department?

Yes. Please call 615-782-4098 and leave your name, telephone number, and a detailed message about your item – when you lost it and what performance you were attending. Someone will look for the item and get back to you as soon as possible.

Where is TPAC located?

TPAC is located in the James K. Polk Cultural Center at 505 Deaderick Street in downtown Nashville. It’s directly across from Legislative Plaza and one block from the Tennessee State Capitol. Get directions at our Visit page.

Where is War Memorial Auditorium located?

War Memorial Auditorium is located at 301 6th Avenue North. Get directions at our Visit page.

Where can I park within walking distance?
Do you have valet parking?

Valet is provided courtesy of Premiere Parking for select events at TPAC. The drop-off and pick-up areas are located on 6th Avenue by the marquee entrance near the corner of Deaderick Street. Due to the varied nature of events at TPAC, please call us at 615-782-4040 if you have questions about valet service specific to your event.

The current valet rate is $35, payable to the Premiere Parking cashier located inside the lobby at the Jackson Hall box office.  For additional information visit Directions and Parking.

How can I get information about renting one of your theaters?

See our comprehensive facility and rental information.

What is the maximum seating capacity?

Jackson Hall: 2,472
Polk Theater: 1,075
Johnson Theater: 264
War Memorial Auditorium (open floor capacity): 2,044
War Memorial Auditorium (theatrical seating): 1,661
War Memorial Auditorium (banquet seating): 400

Final Seating Capacity is based on each performance’s technical needs.

Do you rent space for special occasions like wedding receptions, graduations, recitals, and meetings?

Yes, our facilities are available for special use. Visit the facilities and rental section of our site.

What is your mailing address?

PO Box 190660
Nashville, TN 37219

For deliveries:
505 Deaderick Street
3rd Floor
Nashville, TN 37243

What is your fax number?


Do you have any job openings?
How can I get an audition to appear in a performance?

For information on local auditions, contact our resident companies: Nashville BalletNashville Opera, and Nashville Repertory Theatre. Auditions for Broadway tours are not held at or by TPAC.

Can members of the public purchase tickets to the Season for Young People?

Performances with the Season for Young People are not available to the general public. These shows occur during the week and are especially for teachers bringing their students. Please encourage your child’s teacher to select a show and make a reservation; teachers can bring groups as small as 10 students. For security reasons, parents cannot meet their children at the performance. They may only attend as a registered chaperone through their child’s school. From time to time, we are able to open a performance to the public, especially for Regions Free Days or sensory-friendly performances. If you would like to add your e-mail to our notification list, contact our Education Department.

How can my child get involved with TPAC?

TPAC’s education programs offer opportunities for school teams and individual classes.

In addition, our Broadway at TPAC season and TPAC Presents series both have selections suitable for children. Please check our Events Calendar and call our box office at 615-782-4040 for any questions about age-appropriateness. In addition, each year, one show in our Broadway at TPAC series includes a Kids’ Night on Broadway celebration. It’s a great way for families to experience theatre together at an affordable price.

How do you choose the performances you present to young people?

We choose performances for the Season for Young People through local professional relationships and national and international companies and agencies. We first see many of the productions showcased at IPAY (International Performing Arts for Youth) and PAE (Performing Arts Exchange) conferences.

What kinds of assistance do you offer for special needs requirements?

With advance notice for our school performances, we can provide a variety of accessible services. Our services include assistance upon arrival, accessible seating, audio description, hearing devices, sign language interpretation, and social story supports.

Can my school group eat lunch at TPAC after the performance?

Yes. To bring and eat lunch at TPAC, please request a lunch location with our Season for Young People Senior Manager at the time of your ticket reservation. TPAC has many different events happening in our theater lobbies, and advance scheduling is mandatory.

Do you offer acting classes, music lessons, or summer camps?

Not at this time. We do have occasional student or adult workshops and master class opportunities through local and traveling companies. To add your name to our e-mail list, contact our Education Department.

Can my school apply for TPAC’s Disney Musicals in Schools program?

Please check our website for school eligibility and the annual application, generally due in September of each school year. At present, the program is limited to Metro Nashville Public Schools.

What programs do you have for adults?

We have an extensive adult learner program called InsideOut. This enrichment series takes the audience behind the scenes and includes interviews, performance excerpts, inside looks at production and rehearsal. We host occasional workshops from touring companies. In addition, TPAC offers professional development opportunities for educators.

How can my high school student be eligible to go to The Jimmy Awards in New York?

A student must participate in their school musical, and that school must apply to be included in the Spotlight Awards program. After the Nashville awards ceremony, the winning “Best Actor” and “Best Actress” will go to New York to compete with other students from across the nation.

What do you mean when you refer to arts education and arts integration?

Arts Education at TPAC encompasses the expanding field of educational practice and research informed by investigations into learning through arts experiences. Our programs include a variety of approaches to use the power of the arts to expand imagination, creativity, knowledge, connection to other subjects, problem-solving, confidence, and collaboration. Arts Integration describes a variety of ways to impact student learning by integrating the performing arts with academic subjects. The combination incorporates the creative expression, methods, inspiration, and motivation of the arts with curriculum content and objectives.

What is a teaching artist and what do they do?

Teaching artists (TAs), also called artist/educators or community artists, are professional artists (performing, visual, literary). They teach and integrate their art form, perspectives, and skills into a wide range of settings. TAs work in TPAC’s arts education programs in various capacities. They are paid professionals who travel to schools for one-time visits, residencies, and after-school programs. TAs also partner with educators; provide professional development; lead school, family, and community workshops; and research, assess, and generate supporting materials. They utilize their expertise in the arts and the creative process with activities and explorations. They tailor these for the participant age group, program goal, setting, and specific educational partnerships.

How can I become a TPAC teaching artist?

Contact us and choose the “Education & Community Engagement” option.  We will respond and let you know if there are upcoming opportunities to join our teaching artists faculty.

Why is your pre-school program called Wolf Trap?

Our pre-school arts program, Wolf Trap Early Learning Through the Arts, follows a nationally recognized model from the Wolf Trap Institute outside of Washington, D.C. The name comes from the historic land, the Wolf Trap Farm, where the institute and the Wolf Trap National Park for the Performing Arts are located.

What is 'Give Yourself a High Five'?

Give Yourself a High Five is TPAC’s album of songs that teaching artists in our Wolf Trap Early Learning Through the Arts program use in the classroom. This lively recording was created as a tool for pre-school teachers. It addresses a wide spectrum of early childhood development goals with various styles of original and traditional music. The album is appropriate for families, and it won the 2012 Parents’ Choice Gold Award. See a full track listing, preview the music and poems, and purchase the album as a download on Apple Music. For local purchase, call 615-782-4000.

How do I request tickets for my organization's fundraiser?

TPAC typically donates a pair of tickets from Broadway at TPAC or TPAC Presents shows. If you are interested in securing tickets from Nashville Opera, Nashville Ballet, or Nashville Repertory Theatre, please contact those organizations directly. Due to the high volume of requests, we cannot guarantee a response or status report of your donation request.

You may submit your request for tickets here.

What does my donation do?

Gifts to TPAC support our cultural outreach and education mission. TPAC’s education programs deliver interactive, impactful experiences in the arts. Your gift helps us propel learning, creative thinking, problem-solving, and confidence that children need for success in school and adulthood. Learn more at Education & Community.