Individual Donor Listings

We are deeply grateful to the following individuals for supporting TPAC’s mission to present quality performing arts and arts education experiences.


Donations of $3,000.00 and above received from August 1, 2022 through August 29, 2023.


Victor D. Berrios+

Michael and Pamela Carter+

Ned Ray McWherter Charitable Foundation+

Adam C. Sansiveri+

$50,000 – $99,999

Mr. and Mrs. Frank M. Bumstead

Joel David Byerley+

Mrs. Martha R. Ingram, Martha Rivers Ingram Advised Fund of the CFMT*

Mr. and Mrs. Sam Lingo+

Judy and Steve Turner

Dr. and Mrs. Philip A. Wenk

$10,000 – $49,999

Julie and Dale Allen

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher John Casa Santa+

Linda Cochran

Jackie L. Crabtree

Dettwiller Foundation

Jennifer and Billy Frist

John Reginald Hill

Walter and Sarah Knestrick

Dr. and Mrs. David Mastran

Meredith S. McKellar

Jamison and Heather Monroe

Maria and Bernard Pargh

Rhonda Taylor and Kevin Forbes

Jennifer C. Turner+

$5,000 – $9,999

Jason Abney and Matt Nelson

Mr. and Mrs. David J. Baulch

Joanne Baulch

Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Baulch, III

Chris and Catherine Bollinger

Eric Bymaster

Julie and Tim Choate

Mr. and Mrs. Emanuel Eads

Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Eskind

Ashley and Jonathan Gensler

Michael and Donna Grainger

Laura Groschen

Sherri and Chris Hamby

Brian and Joy Heinrichs

Hank and Mary Hildebrand

Rick and Kristie Isaacson

Mr. and Mrs. Victor S. Johnson III

Dan and Allison Lechleiter

Sarah and John Lechleiter

Terri Major and Steve Robson

Hunter Mobley and Bradley Hickman

Valerie and Terry Moon

Charley and Alexia Poe

Nathan and Molly Poss

Ben and Jamie Rechter

Mary Frances Rudy

Michelle and Jim Schmitz

Edward J. and Karen A. Scott

Neil and Chris Tyler

Terry Vaughan

Jerry and Ernie Williams

$3,000 – $4,999

Anonymous (5)

Candalee and Samantha Abbott

Janie Adams and Maureen Proctor in Memory of James and Carolyn Stanton

Dr. Jeff and Tina Adams

Seyi Alalade

Dr. Gregg and Mrs. Leora Allen

The Alperson Family

Dr. Lisa and Gerry Altieri

Jose and Jessica Amden

Lois Brown

Judy Andrews

Keith and Kerry Arendsee

Colleen and Beth Atwood

Jan and Brian Babiak

Ashok and Nicole Babu

The Bandi Family

Saptarshi Biswas

Brent and Lari Beasley

Eric and Danielle Beasley

Drs. Phillip and Dawn Beaulieu

Dr. and Mrs. Steven Bengelsdorf

Donna P. Benning and Thomas R. Benning

Mike Binkley

Melissa Bowles

Dr. and Mrs. Barry W. Brasfield

Andy Brashier

Lorrie Brouse and Richard Piazza

Joan Bruce

Christine and Scott Bryant

Ron and Mary Buck

Dr. Anna Burgner and Mr. Kurt Zettel

Dr. Timothy and Mrs. Allyson Bush and Family

Devon and Ashton Bushong

Gary M. Bynum

Michael and Jane Ann Cain

Ryan Cain

Dr. and Mrs. Anthony Carroccia

Thomas and Melissa Carter

Austin Casselman

Mary and Joe Cavarra

Daniel and Nancy Coker

Marjorie and Allen Collins

Nancy Corley

The Corner

Anna Cramer

Kelly Pappas Crockett

Christa Cruikshank and Stephanie Wagner

Dr. Noelle Daugherty and Dr. Jack Erter

Steven Deckard and Dr. Jesus García

Dr. and Mrs. Matthew DeFelice

David and Amy Dempe

Betty and Marty Dickens

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Doochin

Christopher Dudley

Wendy and Mark Eddy

Laurie and Steven Eskind

Mark and Trina Ewald

Randy and Heather Fagin

Stephanie Faulkner

Anita G. Fielder

Deborah Fleischman

Brenda and Garry Floeter

Anastasia Marie Fraser

Patricia C. and Thomas F. Frist, Jr. Fund *

Kelli Gabriel

Brian and Hillary Gainous

Martin and Lynda Gilmore

Kimberly and Don Gooch-Brooks

Mr. and Mrs. Joel C. Gordon

Gerald Graham and Robert Reynolds

Kat and Jeff Greene

John and Kathy Griffin

Jessica Grover

Lance Gruner

Carolyn and Terry Hamby

William and Sandra Heitz Family Foundation

Amanda and Trip Hereford

Winston Hickman

Joel and Terrie Hill

Deborah Hollenstein

Trish and Andy Holliday

Dr. David H. and Shirley Horowitz

Gayle Howell

Mark Hughes

Jim and Anita Humphreys

Cherie Ideus

Susan and Mark Isaacs

Shelley Jones in Memory of Angie Wright

Dr. and Mrs. C. Andrew Jordan

Trey and Ann Love Judd

Tracy and Jeremy Kane

The Keene Family Fund

Jacqueline Kelly

Dr. Victor Kha and Dr. Amanda Manceau-Kha

Howard and Carol Kirshner

David and Beverly Klintworth

William C. and Deborah P. Koch

Emily Henderson Konouchi and Neil Konouchi

Lee and Glenda Kraft

Neil Krugman and Lee Pratt

Nikki Kubly and Jessica Lutts

Nancy Ladd

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph N. Lane

J. Mark Lee

Bettye Leiby

Philip and Marisa Leisy

Joseph Longmire

Jeffrey Lynch

Mr. and Mrs. John Malatak

Sara Z. Malin and Bradley A. Malin

Melvin Malone

Mr. and Mrs. Dan J. Marcum

Leah and Ross Margulies

Elizabeth Marshall

Debi Martin and Friends

Red and Shari Martin

Ralph and Louise Mason

Jeffrey and Renee Mathis

Lynne and Tony McAlister

Dr. and Mrs. Jeremy McDuffie

Mick and Ann McGauran

Chris and Colleen Meffe

Robert and Yin Mericle

Cindy and Danielle Mezera

Susan Baker Mezger

Donnel and Robert Milam

Alisa Miles

Francesca Miller

David and Anne Mosley

Deborah and Dustin Moss

Mickeye M. Murphy

Bob and Kay Musgrove

Teresa and Mike Nacarato

Dr. Charles and Eily Nicholson

Phil and Kendra Nitz

Brad and Sara Nolan

Melissa Ohsfeldt and Bennett Landman

Jennifer and Eric Paisley

David and Pamela Palmer

Sherry and Petey Parsons

Philip and Susan Perdue

Ricardo and Michelle Perez

Charles Perry

Robert and Laura Pittman

Rosemary and Wayne Plorin

Vicki Ponder

Christine Quinn

Sasan Raissi

Wallace Ralph

C. Cybele Raver

The Rechter Family Fund*

Drs. Christopher and Kris Rehm, M.D.

Kimberly and Kyle Rengel

Brooke and Jason Reusch

Thomas Richardson and Cara Hill

Wells Richardson and Jane Bowlin

Jeremy and Jessica Robb

Robert and Debbie Bolinger

Marc and Karen Rosen

Anne and Joseph Russell

Karen and Tyler Russell

Teresa Sadler and Friends

Dr. Norman Scarborough and Ms. Kimberly Hewell

Tara Scarlett and Michael Peacock

Mark and Terri Schmidt

Mary Schrecker

Gina and Stephen Scott

Susan and Gene Shanks

Kara and Kevin Sharp

Ms. Sherry D. Shaver

Beth and Jerry Sims

Steve Sirls and Allen DeCuyper

Dennis and Kari Skarvan

Dale and Sally Smith

Earnest and Diane Smith

Makinley, Cheney, and Ava Smith

P. Smith

Chris and Jennette Sockwell

Rickey and Lisa South

Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Stanton

Michael Stayton

Deborah and James Stonehocker

Jeremy Swartz and Emmanuel Lugo

Scott and Kelley Tansil

Theater Chicks

Andrea and Jim Tothacer

Byron and Aleta Trauger

Buddy and Claudia Turner

Nina Turner

Jay Jones and Rob Turner

Lyn N. Walker

Jim Walsh and Mike Boscher

Linda Ware

Christy A. Watkins and Sam R. McColl

Sigrun and Bryan Watson

Jim and Shelly Weatherly

Gail Williams

Rickie Williams

Dr. C. Andrew and Mrs. Angela Williamson

Joanie and Karey Witty

Dr. Steven Wolf in Memory of Frances Wolf

Susan R. Woods

Ira and Elaine Work

Drs. Gill and Marcia Wright

Mickey and Phyllis Wright

Pamela Wright

Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Yocom

Dr. and Mrs Victor L. Zirilli

+ Be Bold. Build TPAC Capital Campaign Contributor

*A fund of The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee