Performance Guidebooks

To enhance your students’ understanding of each performance, HOT guidebooks offer thematic learning units, lesson plan suggestions, and background information that will help you create classroom and life learning contexts for your students. HOT guidebooks provide specific production details, artistic insights, and study materials for use before and after each performance.

Due to the generous underwriting of our season sponsor, we are able to publish the guidebook materials and send them to teachers attending the HOT Season for Young People free of charge. Guidebooks are mailed to teachers four to six weeks prior to a production.

All guidebooks require Adobe Acrobat.

Click a show below to access its HOT Season for Young People guidebook online. Current season guidebooks will be added within the first few months of the school year.


The Code
Madame Butterly
George Orwell’s 1984
Homer’s The Odyssey
Walk On: The Story of Rosa Parks
A Christmas Carol
Doktor Kaboom and The Wheel of Science

Yao Yao
Fisk Jubilee Singers®
72 Steps
The Diary of Anne Frank
Diary of a Wombat
Shakespeare in Jazz: All the World’s a Song