HOT Season for Young People

One Morning I Left...

One Morning I Left... - HOT at TPAC

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April 17-20, 2018

LOCATION: James K. Polk Theater - EDU

STARTING AT: 10:30 a.m.


Three friends explore the world with youthful wonder and imagination when Ana goes on adventures with Gaspar and Oliver. She milks a cow in the countryside, flies on a bird through the desert, dives into a sea of bubbles, and visits the jungle. The friends also take time to simply enjoy the sunshine, flowers, and butterflies in their everyday world. Common objects - like buckets, funnels, and colorful cloth - are used to tell the story, in addition to live singing with guitar, clarinet, percussion, and sound effects. Based in Santiago, Chile, the company specializes in theatre for young children. The play is performed in English, with some Spanish added. Photo credit by Sebastian Cerpa.