Woman smiling and holding apple
Woman smiling and holding apple

HOT Season for Young People

The Curious Picnic IN-SCHOOL TOUR

Woman smiling and holding watering can

DATE: October 1-November 2, 2018

LOCATION: In-School Tour

PRESENTED BY: Theater Craft


PRICE: $600 flat fee for up to 200 audience members


RUN TIME: 60 minutes, including a post-show activity

SPECIAL INFORMATION: This performance is an in-school tour. To book, please select your date preference and someone will contact you to reserve the time and location.


Created specifically for young students, this interactive play taps into the natural curiosity of early childhood, with STEM learning embedded in the non-stop action. Sunny has finished her gardening. She’s all set to go on a picnic, when it begins to rain. Now what? Searching for something else to do, Sunny explores her house, taking delight in new ideas and discoveries. The ultimate answer comes with the realization that she still can have her picnic inside! The play is performed without words, but Sunny’s own expressive language of sounds uses humor and surprise to highlight and encourage playful problem-solving.

Photo credit - Rick Malkin