72 Steps
72 Steps

HOT Season for Young People

72 Steps

72 Steps

DATE: February 18 - 21, 2020

TIME: 10:30 a.m.

LOCATION: TPAC’s Polk Theater

PRESENTED BY: Nashville Ballet

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PRICE: $8 per student


RUN TIME: 60 minutes (including TalkBack)


Commissioned by the League of Women Voters of Nashville, 72 Steps takes an empowering look at the struggle to pass the 19th Amendment while highlighting Tennessee’s vital role in granting women the right to vote. Depicting a fight that spanned over 72 years, choreographer Gina Patterson draws parallels between past and present. Through the lens of the suffrage movement, she explores basic human rights, civic responsibility, and the continuing battle for a more equitable society. The language of ballet brings an evocative physical symbolism to this story of persistence and protest. Dancers grapple with barriers and move in and out of costume elements that illuminate the era’s male and female perspectives. A companion piece, New Beginnings, by choreographer Christopher Stuart, explores the strength and sisterhood of female dancers, illustrating the evolution of movement and freedom in traditional ballet roles.

Photo Credit: Karyn Photography