The Mayhem Poets
The Mayhem Poets

TPAC’s Season for Young People

The Mayhem Poets

The Mayhem Poets

DATE: February 22 - March 8, 2021

LOCATION: Virtual Performance

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PRICE: Free Event


RUN TIME: 55 minutes

SPECIAL INFORMATION: Reservations will include a link to access the video. Please see the mature content information below.


The Mayhem Poets bring the power of poetry to the stage and motivate audiences to think, laugh, consider, and create. This team of three connects particularly with young people, using spoken word to explore their thoughts, theories, and questions through wordplay and rhythm. With a full range of topics from silly to serious, their words, like the best poetry, change expectations, defy prediction, and challenge perspectives in both personal and social commentary. These poets inspire people of all ages and backgrounds to create original verse and share it out loud.

Mature content information: In this vibrant and contemporary work, the Poets address topics that can be controversial like race, gun violence, the environment, religion, war, gender roles, mild bathroom humor, mental health, drug addiction, and homelessness. We support and respect the right of every educator to choose material they feel is appropriate for their students.

Photo credit: Dylan DeFranco