It's Just Rocket Science!
It's Just Rocket Science!

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It's Just Rocket Science! Arts Engagement

It's Just Rocket Science!

DATE: November 1 – 19, 2021

LOCATION: Virtual Arts Engagement

PRESENTED BY: Doktor Kaboom

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PRICE: $25 per classroom, up to 30 / $100 per grade level, up to 150 / $200 per school, 300 or more


RUN TIME: Three videos at 32 minutes total

SPECIAL INFORMATION: This virtual Arts Engagement allows multiple viewing of the segments over the three week period listed. It is available free to schools purchasing the virtual performance, Look Out! Science is Coming!


Doktor Kaboom uses the excitement of rocketry to present Newton’s Laws of Motion. Each of Newton’s three laws are clearly explained, comically explored in multiple over-the-top demonstrations, and followed by a DIY project that students can do as a class, in groups, or individually. Doktor Kaboom intersperses the lessons with discussions on safety and personal empowerment to bring home the point that “science is for everyone.” This Arts Engagement ties directly to science standards, includes printable materials for worksheets, discussions, and multiple student demos for each section.