Look Out! Science is Coming!
Look Out! Science is Coming!

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Look Out! Science is Coming!

Look Out! Science is Coming!

DATE: November 1 – 19, 2021

LOCATION: Virtual Performance

PRESENTED BY: Doktor Kaboom

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PRICE: $25 per classroom, up to 30 / $100 per grade level, up to 150 / $200 per school, 300 or more


RUN TIME: 55 minutes

SPECIAL INFORMATION: This virtual performance is available for viewing once within the above listed dates. The companion virtual Arts Engagement, It’s Just Rocket Science, is free with purchase of the show.


Don't be fooled by the spiky hair, goofy goggles, and extravagant German accent because actor David Epley’s zany character makes science the star of the show. In this tour of modern scientific principles, Doktor Kaboom changes everyday objects into surprising lab equipment, engaging students through his exciting and often hilarious demonstrations and experiments. Topics covered include safety, gravity, chemical reactions, mass, air pressure, and optical illusions in a virtual performance that inspires enthusiasm for STEM learning. The good Doktor also emphasizes the value of self-confidence and the importance of respect for one another.

Photo credit: Martin Albert