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Tres De Poker

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October 6, 2023, at 7:30 p.m.

LOCATION: Andrew Jackson Hall


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This presentation is a licensed event and not affiliated directly with the nonprofit Tennessee Performing Arts Center. This performance will be presented in Spanish with no translation. This show contains adult humor and language and is recommended for ages 18+. Este programa contiene humor y lenguaje para adultos y se recomienda para mayores de 18 años.

Jorge Falcon: Comedian known in the art world as “Jo Jo Jorge.” He lives in Mexico City. He is the son of Jorge Hernández Villegas and Manuela Ramírez Lima. He attended primary and secondary education in the Federal District; the baccalaureate, in High School 4 of the National Autonomous University of Mexico, where he graduated in 1973 as a dental surgeon. He studied English and tap (Tap-dancing). He begins his artistic career in bars, singing cafes, and, later, in international shows. He has a peculiar style for making faces, which have made him a unique and successful comedian; he accompanies his gesticulations by ruffling his hair, and, with different body movements and tones of voices, he simulates the characters in his jokes. He handles in his vast repertoire all kinds of jokes; the double meaning joke, accompanied by a whole performance, tells it in a very original way. The rise of his fame began in the television programs "Alegrías de mediodía", "La hora del Loco", "En vivo" and other broadcasts produced in the 80s by the Televisa company. He participated in the international show of the multi-famous and now deceased Sammy Davis. He intervenes in scenarios such as the "El Patio" nightclub in Mexico City, radio stations and written media with national circulation. In addition, on international Spanish-speaking television programs: “Sábado gigante”, produced from Miami, Florida, by Mario Krausberger, “Don Francisco”; the now defunct “Siempre en domingo”, which was produced and directed by Raúl Velasco, which allows the comedian from Guerrero to alternate in various forums with artists of international stature. Though better known for his standup performances and television appearances, Falcon has also released numerous comedy albums, including the multi-volume El Super Show Comico con Clasificacion Z and Los Mejores 99 Chistes series.
Gustavo Munguia: From Mexicali, Baja California living most of his life in Ciudad Juárez. Gustavo Munguía demonstrated his talent in the artistic world from the age of 17, studying composition at the University of El Paso Texas until he had his great opportunity participating in Valores Juveniles Bacardi, he participated in the OTI representing El Paso Texas where he managed to record his first album. Years later he decides to try it in Mexico City in several acting workshops, among them with Maestro Julián Pastor, venturing into the world of comedy presenting stand up shows in various forums, later he directs and writes the program La Hora Lunatica with Humberto Luna and collaborates as a composer in the Hechos de Peluche program on the TV Azteca television network and until 1995 he teaches the Stand Up Comedy workshop and his first humor album under the title "El álbum blanco" in the year 2000. Among other successes of his career, the Televisa program Hoy stands out with Mara Escalante, where the emblematic character of Paul Yester was born, as well as his integration into the Picardía Mexicana program and his collaboration as a writer, composer and singer in La Hora Pico, La Parodia and El Privilegio de Mandar. Gustavo Munguía has excelled in various television programs such as: Cantando por un Sueño, Los Comediantes, Fabrica de Risas, Estrellados, Desmadrugados, Adictos, El Coque Va, Mojoe, It's Night and I've Arrived, Tonight is Improvised, Televisa Sports, As the Saying Says, La Cantina del Tunco, Sabadazo, Tell Me Now, Remember and Win, Potato Time, 100 Mexicans Said, Double meaning, among many others. Not counting his collaboration in soap operas such as: María Mercedes, Si Dios Me Quita la Vida, Tres Veces Sofía, Una Familia con Suerte and Sueño de Amor. And in theater: Sleeping Beauty, La Maestra Perdió la Juicio, El Tenorio Cómico and El Confesionario de la Risa. In her more than 30 years of experience, she has continued with comedy shows and will currently be touring various states of the country and the American Union; in addition to preparing a new television program and will premiere her third comedy album.
Liliana Arriaga: La Chupitos, whose real name is Liliana Arriaga, is a popular Mexican actress and comedian known for her hilarious stand-up comedy acts and television appearances. She is widely recognized for her unique style of comedy that combines humor, satire, and social commentary; and has gained a large following both in México and Internationally. She grew up in a family of artists, and her father, Carlos Arriaga was well-known actor and comedian. Her mother, Norma Hernandez, was also an actress, and her sister, Tania Arriaga, is a successful TV host and actress. La Chupitos began ger career as comedian in the late 1990’s, performing in various comedy clubs in Mexico. She gained popularity in the early 2000”s with her hilarious stand-up comedy acts, which are characterized by her use of exaggerated facial expressions, over-the-top costumes, and witty one-liners. Her unique brand of humor quickly caught on, and she began making regular appearances on Mexican television shows, including “Guerra de Chistes” and “El show de la Chupitos.” She has performed in sold-out shows across Mexico and has also toured internationally, performing in the United States, Canada and other Countries. Also, she has been nominated for various awards foe her work, including TVyNoveles Award for Best Comedian in 2012 and 2014.

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Andrew Jackson Hall
  • Wheelchair accessible seating is located at the back of the orchestra level.
  • Elevators provide access to the Grand Tier, Loges, and Balcony.
  • Grand Tier Row E and Row P can be accessed without taking stairs.