Director of Safety & Security

Exempt: yes
Full or Part Time: Full Time
Department: Building Operations
Reports to: Senior Operations Director

Goal & Position Overview


This position manages safety & security operations at the Tennessee Performing Arts Center and War Memorial Auditorium. The Director of Safety & Security will have direct oversight of security operations, security and life safety training, off-duty police and coordination of security services with the state of Tennessee. Additionally, this position is resposible for development and administration of annual operating budget and coordination of capital projects related to security and life safety. This person is responsible for staff training in emergency management and serves as the the “incident commander” during times of crisis. Anything from this office should always be Timely, Accurate, and Complete.


This individual must be detail-oriented, self-motivated and a strategic thinker with a broad knowledge of general business practices, theater operations, security procedures and the life safety code. The ability to interact effectively with public safety first responders is essential, as is the ability to keep confidential information compartmintalized.  Knowledge of current and evolving security technology, personnel functions and the ability to carefully and correctly react to stressful situations is a must.




To provide leadership in the development and administration of security operations across the full range of business concerns at TPAC.


  1. Works closely with the State of Tennessee, their contract building manager (presently Jones Lang LaSalle) to maintain safety and security at all TPAC venues.
  2. Oversees security and life safety personnel in the performance of daily activities.
  3. Provides and/or coordinates staff training on the full range of security and life safety topics, including emergency response and first aid / AED.
  4. Develop operations budget as directed including monthly reforecasting, remaining within budget limits.
  5. Work with TPAC resident companies (Nashville Opera, Nashville Ballet, and Nashville Repertory Theatre) and staff to develop workable front of house security practices.
  6. Develops and manages contracts for security services (Metro Nashville Police Department, State of Tennessee Highway Patrol, contracted security professionals, etc.)
  7. Works cooperatively with public safety first-responders to increase the value of services rendered and refine police policies related to event activity.
  8. Serves as primary safety officer.
  1. Responsible for carrying out supervisory responsibilities in accordance with the organization’s policies and applicable laws.
  2. Develops employees into a team that works effectively and professionally.

Primary Duties & Responsibilities

  1. Provides leadership in strategic and organizational planning in the devlopment of operation policies for security and life safety. Assists in policy development and administration, provides counsel and guidance on management and administrative issues and process to department heads and other staff.
  2. Leads the Emergency Response Team and is responsible for staff training and policiy development which ensures a timely and orgainzed response to emergencies.
  3. Establishes a culture of teamwork with other departments and staff. Works cooperatively and in collaboration with other managers.
  4. Directly supervises contract and staff security personnel. Ensures contract compliance through a robust contract management plan.
    1. Two (2) Full-Time Security Supervisors
    2. Two (2) Full-Time Security Officers
  5. Works closely with front of house staff and technical staff to provide security services in a manner consistent with guest service standards.
  6. Responsible for the development and oversight of the operating and capital budgets for security.
  7. Administrates the selection process for contract personnel, services, and activities in assigned areas of responsibility as required to assure that satisfactory and acceptable performance standards, specifications, material and labor costs, work schedules, etc. are maintained. Authorizes payment for contracted services in accordance with company policies and procedures.
  8. Establishes and maintains customer service standards for dealing with the public and client organizations. Identifies and implements customer service enhancements. Provides a responsive method for managing concern about TPAC service, operations and personnel. Monitors ADA compliance.
  9. Establishes and supports risk management methods to minimize TPAC exposure concerning the health and safety of employees, clients, guests, attendees to TPAC events, and vendors. Establishes emergency and evacuation plans and procedures, and implements on-going training programs.
  10. Provides input to long range planning for items affecting the operation of the center
  1. Has a thorough and complete understanding of each budget of oversight – how it works, how any revenue streams are comprised and how they are tied to connected expenses, and the impact they all have on the company budget.
  • Maintains/Oversees budget in a fiscally responsible manner.
    • Manages this process with direct reports and monitor status.
    • Daily monitors any revenue pieces through appropriate reports
    • Daily monitors expenses through PO’s & payroll approvals and monthly monitoring through thorough review of financials received from the Business Office.
  • Has an awareness of the status of the budget at all times allowing timely recognition and reporting of variances (past or present) to the Business Office for proper handling in the re-forecast process.
  • Notifies supervisor immediately of any impending non-trivial variances (revenues or expenses) as soon as they become apparent. Interviews, hires, and trains employees, in the Safety & Security Department.
  1. Appraises performance; rewarding and disciplining employees.
  2. Develops contract bid specifications for services and supervises contract compliance by vendors, conducting an annual review process of their work.
  3. Manages a closed circuit television surveillance system.
  4. Performs other duties as required.



The above listed duties are not all inclusive. This position is expected to perform other work related duties as assigned even though they may not be considered primary duties.

Qualifications & Requirements

Experience Required


Associates degree (A. A.) or equivelent course work (62 hours) from an accredited two or four‑year college or university; and three years experience in security, military, law enforcement, or fire service; additional years of professional experience may be substituted for the educational requirement.


Event Venue experience preferred.


Skills And Knowledge Required


  1. Excellent leadership skills and ability to work in a team setting.
  2. Knowledge of physical and logistical requirements of facility
  3. Knowledge of front of house theater operations
  4. Word processing, Excel spreadsheet, and computer operations skills
  5. Fiscal management skills
  6. Written and verbal communication skills
  1. Organizational, supervisory, and human relations’ skills; and
  1. Customer services skills
  2. Knowledge of Tennessee criminal code, Tennesse and Nashville fire codes
  3. Proficient in word processing and spreadsheet application, written and verbal communication, supervisory, and customer services skills;       ability to inspire and maintain a team work approach.
  4. Basic First Aid training
  5. Crowd Management training



Physical/Mental Requirements:




Seeing                           _x_

Color perception            _x_

Hearing/Listening           _x_

Clear Speech                 _x_

Touching                       _x_

Dexterity           _x_

Hand                 _x_

Finger               _x_

Sit                                 _x_

Stand                            _x_

Climbing                        _x_

Pushing/Pullingx             _x_

Lifting (specify)             _x_

Pounds              50_

Carrying (specify)          _x_

Pounds              50_

Driving                          _x_

Other _________________





Reading-simple             _x_

Reading-complex            _x_

Writing-simple               _x_

Writing-complex             _x_

Clerical                          _x_

Basic Math Skills            _x_


Comprehension              _x_


Decision Making             _x_

Other ______________


Work Environment

Shift Work                     _x_

Works Alone                  _x_

Works w/ Others            _x_

Verbal Contact               _x_

Face to face

contact                         _x_

Inside                           _x_

Outside                         _x_

Extreme Temps             _x_

Mechanical Equip.          _x_

Electrical Equip.             _x_

Pressurized Equip.          _x_

Moving Objects              _x_

High Places                   _x_

Fumes/Odors                 _x_

Hazardous Material        _x_

Noise                            _x_

Dirt/Dust                       _x_

Other ______________


To Apply:

Please submit your resume to or mail / fax a resume to:

TPAC Human Resources
PO Box 190660
Nashville, TN 37219
Fax 615-782-4001

Please, NO phone calls.