5 Questions with Harley Jay from ‘Part of the Plan’

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Harley Jay and cast of 'Part of the Plan'

Part of the Plan rehearsal

Men of ‘Part of the Plan’

TPAC sat down with Harley Jay, the lead actor in ‘Part of the Plan’, to discuss what it’s been like working on the brand new musical. ‘Part of the Plan’ debuts September 8-24.

Q: How Did You Get Involved with ‘Part of the Plan’?

Harley: I’ve been a part of this show for about five and a half years, since almost the very beginning. I met the writers at a coffee shop and they explained the show and I said, “Cool, can I read it?” They said they would email it to me. As I was leaving they said “By the way, we’re using all of Dan Fogelberg’s music.” I said I didn’t need to read it, I’m in.


Q: Compared to five years ago when you first got involved, what has it been like watching the show develop into a full-fledged production?

Harley: If you get into the musical theater world, you will do readings of stuff forever and ever and 99.99% of the time they’re not the greatest thing you’ve ever been apart of. So to do something that I am so passionate about and see it get this far is pretty incredible. The reason I think it’s gotten this far is because the writers and producers are just as passionate about it as everyone who is onstage which is great.


Q: You get to work with your wife in ‘Part of the Plan’, what has that been like?

Harley: I love working with my wife, it’s great! Especially when we get to come out and film in a different city than where we live like Nashville, we’re not apart for two months. She’s ok to look at so I don’t mind that and she’s a pretty decent kisser so kissing her onstage isn’t a chore!


Q: What do you think about the world premiere being in Nashville?

Harley: It’s huge that it’s here in Nashville! This is the songwriter capitol of the world, this is a better vibe than anywhere else.


Q: What will the audience take away from seeing ‘Part of the Plan’?

Harley: We use Dan Fogelberg’s music which is great, but it’s not a Dan Fogelberg story. When you come and see the show you’re going to laugh, you’re going to cry, it’s heart wrenching and full of love. The story is beautiful and complex. The reason you go to see theatre is to experience something you don’t in real life. You’re trying to get away from what you’re doing on your normal day and to sit there and be a part of something you don’t normally get to see. Not only will you get to experience that, but I haven’t experienced this type of show in any theater. It’s a poignant story especially for what’s going on in the world right now.


If You Go:
Part of the Plan
Sept. 8-24, 2017
TPAC’s James K. Polk Theater
505 Deaderick St.


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