Five Questions with Daniel David Stewart

Daniel David Stewart

Daniel David Stewart - 'Hirsh'

We sat down with the incredibly talented Daniel David Stewart a couple weeks ago to discuss his involvement with Part of the Plan and what he hopes audiences will take away once seeing the show.

two actors on stage

Daniel David Stewart and Harley Jay

Q: How did you get involved with Part of the Plan?

Daniel: I got involved with POTP two years ago, I was asked to do a reading in LA which is where I’m from. The reading turned into a workshop and I never really thought I’d hear anything again. Two years later the writers did all this work to get the show to TPAC and they very graciously asked me to be part of the show. I’m happy to be here!


Q: What attracted you to Part of the Plan?

Daniel: I think the first thing that attracted me was that I grew up listening to Dan Fogelberg’s music. My parents raised me on singer-songwriters so I instantly loved it. I also thought it was awesome to see what is essentially a jukebox musical of a person’s work that was not based around the person’s life. It’s a new musical with that person’s music. I thought that it’s not done enough as a well done story. Hirsh is a character that gives me an excuse to go to the gym everyday and look like a soldier, the cast is also such a great group to work with.


Q: What can people expect from the show?

Part of the Plan actors on stage holding protest signs

Cast of Part of the Plan

Daniel: People can expect really great music that makes them feel at home wherever they are. There’s something about the folk music of that era that gives you a sense of inner peace and light. You can expect to see a very thoughtful loving story told with loving songs. We go to musical theatre to have a grand emotion that comes from grand emotional music.


Q: Who would you recommend to see Part of the Plan?

Daniel: Everyone. I think that you can relate to these characters because you can see a little bit of all of us in them. Whether it’s my character Hirsh who’s a young whippersnapper trying to figure things out or someone like Sean who’s trying to do the best for his country. You get to see two couples experience being young into their older selves and you can relate to every part along the way.


Q: What are you most looking forward to once the show premieres?

Daniel: I’m excited to see this seven years of work pay off in a big space. To see it happen in front of a large audience is going to be a beautiful experience. I’m excited to share this music, more people should know about Dan Fogelberg that do. I’m excited to watch people hear his music for the first time.

You can also check out Daniel’s interview with Out and About Nashville:


If You Go:
Part of the Plan
Sept. 8-24, 2017
TPAC’s James K. Polk Theater
505 Deaderick St.


Performance schedule, prices, and cast are subject to change without notice. Institutional sponsors for TPAC include Nissan North America and Coca-Cola. TPAC is a nonprofit arts organization funded in part by support from the Tennessee Arts Commission and the Metropolitan Nashville Arts Commission. TPAC reminds ticket buyers that the only official place to buy tickets online is


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