Five Questions with Jayme Lake from ‘Part of the Plan’

Jayme Lake

We sat down with the ever charming Jayme Lake from ‘Part of the Plan’ to discuss everything from working with her husband to seeing the show develop over the years…


Q: How did you get involved with ‘Part of the Plan’?

Part of the Plan cast in rehearsal

Rehearsals of “She Don’t Look Back”

Jayme: Harley Jay who is playing ‘Sean’ is my husband in real life as well as in the show and they were looking for a Josie. He was part of a reading and he said that his wife was an actress and would be really good for the role. I sent in a video and next thing I knew I was doing the next reading in Los Angeles about three years ago.


Q: How has it been to see the show evolve from stage reading to full production?

Jayme: It’s been a really cool experience. I saw a reading in San Diego before I was part of the show and was just having a conversation the other day about how the show has changed. The writers honed in on who the characters are. The story is just so amazing, I would’ve been just fine with the version I saw in San Diego! They’ve taken the story to another level and it’s been really special to be a part of.


Q: Who should see POTP?

Jayme: I highly recommend everyone to see the show because I have to be honest, I didn’t really know who Dan Fogelberg was before seeing it and being able to see the show before I was apart of it blew my mind how amazing his writing was. He writes as if he’s writing a musical. I would invite anyone to this show, whether you’re a Dan Fogelberg fan or not, you’re going to love the music and the story. Not only are you getting the amazing music, you’re getting a beautiful story as well.


Q: How has it been working with your husband?

Jayme: It’s been great! He’s magnificent and this part was made for him. Being able to be a part of this with him and watch him shine in this role on top of getting to be in the scene with him has been really cool. The kind of singing that I love to do is folk and country. There aren’t a ton of musicals out there with cool folky country music, it’s been exciting!


Q: What are you most looking forward to on opening night?

Jayme: As an actor on the stage I live for the audience reaction. I’m really excited to see how people receive this. It’s been really great in the readings, people really like simply hearing the words. I can’t wait to see what they think once it’s fully staged.


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If You Go:
Part of the Plan
Sept. 8-24, 2017
TPAC’s James K. Polk Theater
505 Deaderick St.


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