Nashville Rep awarded “Partner of the Year” by Mental Health America of the MidSouth

Nashville Repertory Theatre

Mental Health America of the MidSouth named Nashville Rep their “Collaborative Nonprofit Partner of the Year” at MHA’s annual meeting and awards ceremony! The ceremony took place on June 17 and was held virtually via Zoom, honoring individuals and organizations that promote mental health wellness in the community.

“We are proud to be a partner of MHA, and we are honored by the recognition,” said Drew Ogle, Executive Director of Nashville Repertory Theatre. “Now more than ever, it is vital to support the mental health of our community and to help people discover the resources that are available to them. I’m glad we could use the magic of theatre to help MHA in their mission.”

During the REP’s production of Every Brilliant Thing in November 2019, the theatre company partnered with Mental Health America to provide mental wellness resources for the Rep’s audience and advance conversations around mental health in the community.

“Nashville REP is so welcoming in their partnership” said Tom Starling, CEO of MHA, “We were able to touch over 600 attendees and even more through Nashville Rep social media. Not only was their message incredible, but we are so glad that they are caring enough to partner with us to help others in the community.”

Other award winners included Waller Law Firm, Nashville Noticias, Butch Odom, Dana White, Ross Roadman, and Dr. Charlene Donovan.

Congrats to the Nashville Rep! We look forward to many more great productions and love having you as a TPAC Resident Company.



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