Nashville Rep supports playwrights with Ingram New Works Festival

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The Ingram New Works Project supports the development of new plays with a year long program that brings new voices to the stage. Each year, four playwrights are selected out of hundreds of applicants for the residency. During the residency, each playwright develops a new play from the very first page to a full draft with Nashville actors, directors, and artists. At the end of the season, the plays are shared with the community at the Ingram New Works Festival.

“New work is the life force of every art form.” -Martha Ingram


This year the four playwrights include Nashville-based Nate Eppler, Minnesotan Cristina Florencia Castro, James Anthony Tyler from New York City and Tori Keenan-Zelt from Pittsburgh. Each playwright has been working on their original piece and will share them with the Nashville community twice; starting the staged readings May 9. Each staged reading is free to attend but requires advance reservations.

Since 2009, the Ingram New Works Project has supported the development of over 60 new plays for the stage. Those plays have gone on to development, production and national awards – and when they launch into the national theatre scene, they take a little bit of Nashville along with them. Communities are known by what they export, not by what they import, and we’re very proud to export these remarkable plays.

Learn more about the Ingram New Works Festival.

Ingram New Works Festival Save the Date May 11-16, 2020

From Left to Right: Nate Eppler, Cristina Florencia Castro, James Anthony Tyler, Tori Keenan-Zelt. Photo location courtesy of Cheekwood: Estate and Gardens Photos by Bralyn Stokes.

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