Rick Michel’s Sinatra Forever returns in December with 24-piece orchestra

Man singing on stage in front of an orchestra

Rick Michel in 'Sinatra Forever'

Grab your fedoras and get ready for a classy evening with the songs that have filled our hearts and homes for the past 6 decades. Sinatra Forever is a concert that pays tribute to old blue eyes himself. Rick Michel, a master impressionist of more than 40 years, says that his show isn’t an impersonation but an interpretation. Rick will be be backed by a 24 piece orchestra as he croons Sinatra’s classics such as “Fly Me to The Moon”, “New York, New York” and “Come Fly with Me”. The set list includes 22 songs, some of which will be new to the Nashville tour stop.

Rick has been on the road touring with Sinatra Forever as the producer and lead performer for 15 years. The impressionist does about 200 voices and has been learning the ways of famous singers and comedians ever since he was a kid. Although Rick always had an interest in music, comedy, and entertaining people, his mom sparked the initial inspiration for this show.

“I asked my mom who she would like me to sound like and she said how about Frank Sinatra,” Rick said. “So I went down and got the album, ‘Songs for Swingin’ Lovers’, and the first song on the album was the song that I now always dedicate to my mom in the show, ‘You Make Me Feel So Young’.”

Rick worked on mastering Sinatra’s signature timbre and phrasing while also starting a stand-up comedy career. Rick is a self taught impressionist and said that he learns best from watching other impressionists, and then putting his own spin on it.

“It takes a lot of listening…it’s all about believing and understanding the words and owning how Sinatra interpreted the songs,” Rick said.

Although Rick’s impressions have taken him all over the world and provided ample opportunity to meet and work alongside some of the best in the entertainment world, he always comes back to Frank Sinatra. The Sinatra Forever tour is unlike any other part of his career because the love for Sinatra is universal.

“You don’t have to speak the language for people to know the words,” Rick said. “What a legacy for someone to build and touch so many lives worldwide.”


The tour gets audiences of all ages excited and eager to celebrate Sinatra’s legacy. Attendees often dress up in Sinatra era attire and always respond enthusiastically to songs like “That’s Life” and “The Best is Yet to Come”.  Rick is excited to not only play alongside the 24 piece orchestra when Sinatra Forever stops in Nashville, but to also be back in Music City.

“I’m not the star of the show, I’m the 25th instrument,” Rick said. “The band is just as much of the star as I am. The audience response was amazing last time and I am looking forward to an audience that appreciates the music. “

Sinatra Forever will be at War Memorial Auditorium on December 15, 2018 at 7:30 p.m.


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