“School Patrol” explores TPAC’s TechShop for teachers

School Patrol: Teachers Attend Special Three-Day Camp

“Now that school is back in session, there are many fond memories of summer camp. But as you’ll see in this week’s School Patrol, while one of the most beloved camps didn’t attract any children, it was attended by a number of curious students.”  – Vicki Yates, NewsChannel 5


Watch NewsChannel 5’s “School Patrol” feature on TPAC Education’s TechShop, an annual workshop on theatre production designed NOT for curious students but FOR curious teachers so they can learn about lighting design and other aspects of producing theatre in their schools.

“You go back to school inspired with some new ideas, new ice-breakers, new strategies,” teacher Gina Kelly tells Vicki Yates of NewsChannel 5, which broadcasts a weekly “School Patrol” on diverse education topics. Kelly, a teacher Overton High School, takes her students to TPAC for student performances and participates each year in the technical theatre workshop for educators.

The popular, professional development opportunity – held over three days in various TPAC spaces, on stage and backstage – offers tips and tools as the experts, from TPAC’s Tech Department and the community at large, lead sessions on lighting, scenic and costume design, choreography, and other theatrical necessities such as making a lighting “GOBO” with a .99 cent pie plate and an x-acto knife. The workshop is held over three days in various TPAC spaces, on stage and backstage.

TPAC Education and Technical Department staff in the spotlight during the two-and-a-half-minute, action-packed story included Cassie LaFevor, Bill Rios, and Jessica Costello.