Spotlight on Abby Bass: TPAC Board Intern

abby and brian bass at pippin

Abby and Brian Bass

Tourists and recent transplants to Music City may not realize its rich and diverse arts culture or that we’re a community of performers and fine arts enthusiasts as well.

At TPAC, we love shining the spotlight on Middle Tennesseans who care about the arts and arts education as much as we do. So on a chilly December day, we sat down with Abby Bass, Director of Events at Williamson, Inc. She also happens to be TPAC’s newest Board Intern! We discussed everything from her time working at Disney World to her favorite musical.

Even though her current job is not directly related to the performing arts, she still finds ways to stay connected to the theater community regularly, and we’re excited to have her serving with our Board of Directors.


Q: What brought you to Nashville and Williamson, Inc?

Abby: I am originally from Lexington and went to school in Kentucky before moving down to Florida. I worked as a character in Disney World and then transferred into the event industry at Universal Studios. My husband and I wanted to raise a family in the Nashville area so we moved up here!

Q: What characters were you at Disney World?

A: I can only tell you that I played 16 different characters.

Q: What is the most rewarding part of your current job as the Director of Events at Williamson, Inc?

A: The most rewarding part of doing events with Williamson, Inc. is knowing that I’m making a difference with the business community. Every event we hold has a purpose to help strategically grow our economy and businesses in Williamson County. It’s great to know I make a difference everyday.

Q: How did your previous roles and love of the performing arts bring you to TPAC as a Board Intern?

A: My first experience with theatre was at a very young age with Lexington Children’s Theatre. I decided in college to pursue a double minor in theatre and musical theatre which was very exciting! After college I moved to Orlando to perform at Disney World which was a great experience. I ended up getting into event planning at Universal Studios and continue to do it up here in Tennessee. I still want to keep in touch with my theater roots and that’s what brought me to TPAC.

Q: You mentioned performing in a children’s theatre growing up, at what age did you realize that was something you wanted to pursue further?

A: My parents enrolled me into theater in 4th Grade. I got into a show. My character had one line, and it was one word but I was very excited and continued to pursue theater through high school. One summer at Lexington Children’s Theatre they put on a family musical and I somehow convinced my Dad to do it with me. I did some performances through college as well as stage management which goes hand-in-hand with the event planning I do now!

Q: What led your parents to bring you to Lexington Children’s Theatre?

A: My father’s exact words were, “Abby is very dramatic, we should give her an outlet.” That inspired them to pull me from some of the gymnastics and cheerleading classes I had been doing to see if I would enjoy the stage.

Q: What are your most memorable experiences at TPAC?

A: In college my friend and I drove down to Nashville from Bowling Green (we went to WKU) because Wicked was in town. We didn’t even have tickets but wanted to see if there was any way we could get in. We somehow were lucky enough to win tickets through the lottery, it was a great experience.

Q: Do you have a favorite musical that you’ve seen at TPAC?

A: My favorite musical that I’ve ever seen at TPAC is Pippin. I went into it knowing nothing and left with it being one of my favorite shows.


If you know someone in Middle Tennessee that deserves the “spotlight,” tell us why here and we may feature them in an upcoming post.

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