The Attic Sessions || Emily Kopp

The Attic Sessions

It was during a college internship working as a hospitality runner for artists at an Orlando music venue, when Emily Kopp began touring the southeast herself. Student and intern by week, aspiring rockstar by weekend. Much of her tenacity and knowledge about the music industry developed while working behind the scenes. By the time she graduated, Kopp had self-released an album and toured extensively through the country, laying herself a foundation to pursue music full time.

Since, she released a sophomore EP Making Sense Of (2015), presented at the TEDxGreenville conference, and successfully launched a second musical project – the indie rock powerhouse Midnight Riot, alongside longtime collaborator Justin Beckler. Last year she released her most recent single, Hold Your Head Up. In an ever changing music industry climate, Kopp has managed to merge entrepreneurship and art seamlessly, continuing to grow as a performer and songwriter, evolving and connecting with her audience.



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