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The Attic Sessions

We all need a new call to action. A new jolt of optimism. If you will, a New Reveille. Especially those of us who know the power of music as it once was… before computers started smoothing rough edges, before writers fell into step with paeans to parties and beer and the like, songs could cast spells. They could change the way people thought and felt. They touched on life and death. They were real — as real as the five-piece ensemble known as New Reveille.

On The Keep, their inaugural album for Loud & Proud Records, New Reveille’s distinctive talents find common ground in traditions that stretch back to and beyond early America. On that foundation, through their varied gifts, they build a unique sound that encompasses the virtues of music that came before and the promise of what it might yet become. New Reveille’s single, “Hounds” is currently impacting Americana and non-commercial radio formats. New Reveille joined us in the Attic Lounge at the historic War Memorial Auditorium to play us some songs from The Keep and discuss everything from ads on Craigslist to staying authentic in today’s music industry.

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The Attic Sessions project is a series of short films that feature intimate performances in The Attic Lounge, an eclectic, private room backstage at the War Memorial Auditorium in Nashville. These candid documentaries of artists leisurely playing their songs and openly sharing their stories add dimension to the Nashville Music Council’s effort to promote Nashville as the premier live music city in the country while solidifying the historic auditorium as a major contributor to the city’s music scene.

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