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Suzanne Santo

Caught halfway between the dark swoon of pop-noir, the raw rasp of soul music, and the honest punch of Americana, Suzanne Santo’s Ruby Red tells the story of a singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who, more than 10 years into an acclaimed career is turning a new corner.

Suzanne Santo first found fame as a member of the well regarded Americana group HONEYHONEY before branching off into a solo career. Hailing from Cleveland, OH, Suzanne pursued careers in both acting and modeling before trying her hand at music professionally. Suzanne played everything from the banjo to violin while also being lead vocals in HONEYHONEY with Ben Jaffe. They released their third album “3” with Rounder Records in 2015 and remained busy penning songs for the TV comedy series, “The Guest House”. Suzanne stepped out with her solo project, Ruby Red, in 2017 which allowed her to show off a darker more personal side of her musical personality.

“I think I started writing songs for this record long before I realized I was writing songs for this record. I’ve identified with a collaboration for so long that the thought of taking a leap into the depths of my own music and having no idea what that would look like definitely came as a shock. Writing the record was bewitching in a way.”


Ruby Red is an album about love, life, and lust in the modern world. Suzanne joined us in The Attic Lounge at historic War Memorial Auditorium to play us some songs off of her solo project and discuss the meaning behind each one.


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