Yoop expands to Nashville with Yoop eSpace at Tennessee Performing Arts Center

Yoop eSpace Nashville

A new and immersive way to attend events, Yoop connects fans and creators
while getting entertainment professionals back to work

Yoop, an entertainment company empowering fans and creators through live events, is bringing its Yoop eSpace – a first-of-its-kind eConcert experience and interactive way to attend events – to Nashville, selecting Tennessee Performing Arts Center for its first U.S. expansion.

Currently installed in TPAC’s Jackson Hall, the Yoop eSpace creates a zero-lag, two-way visual and audio communication experience for fans and creators when interacting with each other – no matter how large the audience.

“Nashville is one of the country’s most vibrant arts cities with its rich ecosystem of artists, managers, venues and production personnel – making it a natural choice for our first location in the U.S.,” says Yoop Founder and CEO Benoit Fredette. “With the Yoop eSpace at TPAC, we are setting a gold standard for live performances that break the fourth wall and connect fans and creators like never before. For fans, every seat is in the front.”

The Yoop eSpace is creating a new class of live entertainment, according to Fredette. Studying consumer behavior in virtual environments is the foundation of the technology, which has been in development for more than two years as a solution to supplement live concerts, not replace them.

digital screen on stage

The Yoop eSpace.

“TPAC’s innovative residency with Yoop is a creative way to put our venue and employees back in action during an extended intermission in touring productions,” says Jennifer Turner, TPAC President and CEO. “The arts offer entertainment and essential connection for us all during this challenging time, and we’re excited to be part of helping Music City’s talent get back to entertaining audiences around the globe.”

“The Yoop eSpace presents a unique opportunity for artists to enhance their brand,” says music industry veteran and entrepreneur Steve Moore, a partner in bringing Yoop to Nashville. “Artists will see this is a real show in an environment they’re familiar with, unlike current livestream options. The quality of the interactions and the broadcast-quality content produced are setting the platform apart. It deepens connections with fans by bringing them in real-time virtually on-stage and making them part of the show.”

Yoop launched its first Yoop eSpace in Montreal earlier this year, returning people to work by activating 2,300 music industry jobs. After several years of development, Yoop prioritized the eSpace launch in light of the COVID-19 climate. With the debut of the Yoop eSpace Nashville, several local entertainment crews have been reactivated, including REACH, Silent House Productions and Solotech.

The Yoop eSpace format can be modified by their type of content, whether they are event producers, artists, teams, athletes, speakers or corporate presenters. Events may be customized to be public or private and set to a specific or unlimited capacity. They can also be set up as pay on-demand and with the option of 24-hour replay.

“The Yoop eSpace is not just for arts and entertainment,” says Moore. “Whether an organization wants to host an internal event, or a brand is seeking real-time feedback on a new product, it offers exclusive access in a first-class venue with TV-quality production – all on a one-stop platform.”

To learn more about Yoop eSpace booking opportunities, contact REACH at Yoop@ReachNash.com.

About Yoop

Yoop is an entertainment company developing products to help creators distribute content directly to fans while improving the experience of all events, both live and virtual. The Yoop eSpace is a first-of-Its-kind eConcerts platform, creating a new way to attend events virtually that empowers fans and creators to better connect with each other. Visit Yoop.app to learn more, download the Yoop app, and see upcoming events. The app is also available via Apple Store or on Google Play.

Institutional sponsors for TPAC include Nissan North America and Coca-Cola. TPAC is funded in part by support from the Tennessee Arts Commission and the Metropolitan Nashville Arts Commission.

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