TPAC Family Day Photos

Photos from the 2023 TPAC Family Day

Photos by Daniel Meigs

Children participate in a dance party on stage.
Two dancers lead a group of children in an activity onstage.
Tables set up with crafting supplies
Nashville Theater Schools presents a medley of theater hits
Jackson Hall stage with tables and chairs set for crafts and tea parties
A woman holds a crafted cat smile and whiskers up to her face.
A ballerina kneels while children touch her tutu
A boy enjoys cotton candy that says Eat Me
Nashville Theater School performs Bye Bye Birdie medley
Nashville Ballet staff lead a dance activity onstage
A young girl with a balloon animal headband.
A table decorated with tea party decorations and craft supplies
Nashville Theater School performs
Nashville Ballet staff lead an activity onstage for guests
Actors dressed as Alice, the White Rabbit, the Queen of Hearts, and the Mad Hatter with TPAC CEO Jennifer Turner
Fruit kabobs and peanut butter and jelly heart sandwiches out on a table for guests
Chick-fil-A boxes out for guests to eat
Nashville Ballet staff lead an activity for children on stage.
Two girls with their faces painted as a tiger and a panda.
A child enjoys cotton candy