James K. Polk Theater – Detailed View

Polk Theater View from the stage

The Orchestra level in Polk Theater has two center aisles and two outer aisles. Rows AA-CC are removed when musicians are present in the Orchestra Pit.

Seats 108-110 and 301-303 in rows A-E and DD, a total of thirty-six (36) seats, are removed when Vomitorium is installed.

Accessible seating is located behind row R. There are eight (8) accessible spaces behind seats R101-R112 and eight (8) accessible spaces behind seats R301-R312.

There is no row I, nor is there a row O in Polk Theater. There is no elevator access in the tier level of the theater.

Use the +/- buttons or pinch to zoom in. To see the view from different parts of the venue, check out seat views below.

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